How Do You Trick Your Body To Burn Fat?

Updated on April 14, 2022


Starting a fat loss journey is difficult but staying motivated and consistent is even harder. Despite knowing that healthy weight loss is a slow process that requires constant effort and self-control, most people look for instantaneous results. 

Although there is no healthy way to wire your body to burn extra fat and hasten your weight loss, there are some ways in which you can trick your body into a faster metabolism and burning fat. 

The best way to burn fat quickly without compromising your health is to target your nutrition. Here are five simple ways to program your body to burn more calories. 

Some Exercise Is Better than None

We know that most people look for weight loss hacks so they don’t have to work out to lose weight. However, a combination of exercise and dieting can help you lose weight faster and help you stay active. 

You can try interesting ways to enjoy exercise instead of forcefully dragging yourself to the gym. You can consider having a fat-burning machine at home if you are too lazy or busy to go to the gym. Having a good playlist can be a great motivator and help you look forward to working out. 

Research shows that listening to music can enhance your performance at the gym by increasing your output during exercise. Regular exercise also programs your body to be more active, encouraging a better metabolism and mental health, which is directly related to weight gain. So, curate a playlist that gets you pumped up and start burning fat like a pro. 

Balance Your Diet

Slow and consistent weight loss is tiring, but the results are worth it because you achieve your ideal weight without compromising your health. The best way to do this is by eating a balanced diet with specific food combinations that directly induce weight loss. 

Eating certain food combinations can fasten your metabolism and trick your body into triggering fat burn. Eating fiber-rich carbs helps you avoid snacking at odd times because they take longer to digest and help you stay satiated for longer. Moreover, digesting proteins helps your body burn fat faster than carbohydrates and fats. 

According to a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, incorporating proteins into your diet helps your body burn more fats. So, eating foods rich in fiber and protein will trick your body into burning fat while preventing muscle loss.

Drink Cold Water

Water is an essential need of our body that we often forget. Waterworks like magic, and drinking good amounts of water every day is so good for your health that it makes your skin and mood look better. Experts suggest that, ideally, one should drink 11 to 16 glasses of water daily. 

However, drinking cold water can also do wonders for fat loss. If you are someone who tends to snack between meals, drinking water can help you curb your hunger and avoid mindless snacking. 

According to a study by the University of Washington, drinking a cup of icy water helps your body burn eight more calories than regular room temperature water. Your body has to put in extra work to normalize the water temperature. Drinking up to 10 cups of cold water means 80 extra calories burnt. 

Eat Healthy Snack

Snacking does not have to be necessarily bad. If you are struggling with losing weight because you cannot stop snacking between meals, you can try eating healthy snacks. Yoghourt is an excellent food for fat burn and makes for a yummy and quick snack. 

Studies show that having yogurt daily can help you lose 22% more fat and 80% more abdominal fat than eating the same amount of calories in non-dairy foods. However, sugared or flavored yogurts will not do the job, so make sure you have plain yogurt. 

You can chop up some berries for your yogurt and have a perfect midday snack ready in 2 minutes! 

Nuts are also a healthy snack that gives you nutrition and helps you prevent weight gain. You can add nuts to your yogurt or eat them on their own to avoid unhealthy snacking.  

Take Your Time Chewing Your Food 

How you eat is as important as what you eat. When you chew your food properly before swallowing, you help break down some of the food from the enzymes in your saliva. This helps in faster digestion and less calorie storage. 

Moreover, according to Nature’s Science Report, eating slowly is a great way to control your appetite because it increases post-meal calorie burning. It also helps you feel fuller longer because chewing slowly makes you feel more satiated. 

Final Thoughts

Most instant ways to burn fat will not be long-lasting and effective because they will impact your health adversely. So, the best approach is to trick your body into burning fat in healthy ways. 

You can try the tips we have outlined above and exercises that target fat burn in specific body areas you wish to lose fat in. 

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