How Digital Transformation is Shaping the Healthcare Industry

Updated on October 26, 2021
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Digital transformation in healthcare is the result of the positive impact that technology has had on healthcare. Since healthcare has extensive volumes of data, Digitization is a comprehensive solution for such data handling. So, in reality, every industry can benefit from digitization, especially healthcare.

A specific level of technology when incorporated with healthcare enables the gathering of data in one place, making the data accessible anytime and anywhere. When the hospitals and health care institutions are provided with access to data and records so conveniently, it results in improvement of the overall quality of healthcare. 

Due to Covid-19, an increasing amount of healthcare services are recognizing the potential of digitization of their healthcare systems. A digital transformation is becoming a must for healthcare institutions. A great example of this would be the Vital Pakistan initiative to reduce child mortality through an integrated digital platform. 

They wanted an integrated service delivery model that captures the actual impact backed by first-hand collected data and records for pregnant women in Karachi, Pakistan. VentureDive built a custom digital solution for data collection and patient monitoring, which is now serving as a powerful tool to save and improve the lives of women and children in the suburbs of Karachi. 

This application is now operating in 5 sub-urban communities of Karachi, with a total population of 0.3-0.5 million.

Healthcare consists of multiple domains. The digital economy is changing how patients and healthcare providers connect. Let’s discuss the current state of digital transformation in healthcare 2021: 

Rise of the on-demand healthcare

On-demand healthcare solutions are allowing health care professionals and patients to conveniently access, easily update, and securely share a patient’s medical information electronically. This reduces medical errors and eliminates the need for extensive paperwork. 

Big Data in healthcare

Big data is impacting many industries in how they analyze, manage, and evolve. Healthcare is one of the industries where this data is implemented to avoid diseases, enhance the quality of life as well as reduce treatment costs.

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Telehealth and Telemedicine

Telehealth enables long-distance remote clinical healthcare, education for patients and healthcare professionals. Telehealth offers a number of benefits. High-risk populations like seniors and those with chronic conditions can more easily access care via telehealth, which saves time for both the patient and the doctor and the challenge of physically traveling to a doctor’s office.

The usage of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is turning out to be an assuring innovation in the healthcare industry. This technology is helping in improving the operational capability of hospitals for medicines, medical research, disease diagnosis as well as formulating treatment plans. The pandemic has highlighted the significance of data in the healthcare industry. AI and real-time analysis played a significant role in addressing major issues around the spread of this virus, distribution, and testing of vaccines. 

Wireless Health

Wearable tech has seen increasing popularity as individuals prefer the idea of monitoring their own health uninterrupted. Smartwatches are easily the most revolutionary healthcare tracking devices. They continuously track activity levels, heart rate, body temperature, sleep cycles, and in some cases even stress levels. 

This technology allows one to feed information directly to an app and tracks and saves historical data. This in return opens opportunities for better patient care while allowing medical institutions to discover large-scale insights that could impact disease prevention, treatment plans, and crisis control.

Looking Ahead

Digital transformation is an ongoing process. New trends and technologies are emerging in the healthcare sector with every passing day. This is the future of healthcare. It is safe to say that everyone should start getting comfortable with the changing technologies of the healthcare sector. Being in touch with the latest updates will only benefit us and our community. 

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