How COVID-19 is Affecting the Hospice Industry, and How Good Heart Hospice is Rising To Keep Patient Safety First

Updated on February 2, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives. However, many of us deal with loss and less finite difficulties due to the virus and its consequential mandates. Even fewer of us know the specifics of how others are affected by these tragedies, and we venture to suggest that no single person can ever know the vast repercussions the pandemic has caused for everyone.

Hospitals and hospices are unfortunately ‘hotspots’ for COVID-19 and its variants. Many care centers also ignore the rules set in place to ensure the safety of their patients.

Enter Good Heart Hospice, the center for hospice care that strives to ensure its guests are safe, cared for, and comfortable in their ‘last season’. Good Heart Hospice, founded by Maya and Patrick Thona, puts the ‘heart’ back into hospice care by contributing to their community, providing excellent care with stellar customer service, and prioritizing their mission over their profit margin.

Above all, Good Heart Hospice follows the COVID-19 guidelines to a strict order.

Values and Care Before Profits

Good Heart Hospice provides a well-rounded approach that includes a high level of safety.

“I will not try to earn more money for myself while taking away good care for my patients,” said Maya Thona. “Putting mission before profits and caring for other people’s family members as if they were my own is what Good Heart is all about. We know what to do, and we can keep bringing as much comfort to our guests as possible within the mandated COVID-19 guidelines.”

According to Thona, too many care centers know the ins and outs of the healthcare system and try to use it for their monetary benefit. Unfortunately, by the time someone requires hospice care, healthcare is no longer needed. But hospice, itself, is not a bad thing! Hospice care is the final step when someone is nearing the end of their life, and a good hospice care center will give final life to improve the quality of the last season of a person’s life. That is what Good Heart Hospice aims to do every single day, and they do it by being safe and strict in the wake of COVID-19.

About Maya Thona

Thona’s father never wanted her to be a doctor, although he was one himself. The Thona family moved from the Philippines to Montana, where Thona’s father passed away at age 45. Thona’s mother was now in charge of taking care of three teenagers.

Thona became a nurse, against her father’s wishes and even against her own fear of death and dying. She never saw herself working in hospice care, but because she found it hard to watch people pass away, she felt drawn to do something good for others at the end of their lives. She wanted to bring a little joy to others as they near their final days. And now, she has been working in the healthcare field for over 20 years.

Thona is the heart of Good Heart Hospice. Her goal is to provide the best, safest care for her clients so that they can pass on with dignity and grace. She started the hospice center in 2017, intending to make a difference to the community, and just two years later, she had to contend with the reality of how tough that can be.

Thona noticed scams and fraud within the hospice industry in particular, and as COVID-19 ramped up and wreaked havoc, these moral issues became more pronounced. Yet, her standards remained the same, and she continues to push forward to over-deliver and provide genuine care.

She maintains that it is not about the money. She stated, “It’s about the care. COVID-19 or not, it always was and always will be about real, professional, loving, safe care.”

This steadfastness to following strict guidelines in the name of putting her clients first is what makes Good Heart Hospice stand out as a safe place for our loved ones.

“During the pandemic, I saw even more than before how many people do not care about others. I care. And I am motivated to be guided by this care to provide the best care for my patients,” said Thona. “I strive to provide a compassionate team to support loved ones during this more-difficult-than-ever transition period.”

Closing Thoughts

Dignity, kindness, and compassion are the foundations of Good Heart Hospice. While that can mean many things, this care center uses those values to guide their steadfast following of strict COVID-19 safety protocols. While a person’s life might be coming to a close, Thona feels that this time is still priceless and seeks to protect it for her clients.

About Good Heart Hospice

Good Heart Hospice care is dedicated to providing you with dignified care that promotes quality of life, comfort, and convenience. We respect your personal healthcare and treatment decisions and strive to support you and your family. Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care focuses on maximizing comfort, reducing suffering, and allowing individuals to maintain their dignity. Visit for more information.

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