How Can Sex Toys Improve Our Mental Health?


Whether you are aware of it or not, sex toys are a multimillion-dollar business. Still, that doesn’t mean that every person on the planet uses them. The reasons for using sex toys usually vary from person to person; some use them just for increased sensations and pleasure, while others use them for their health benefits.

If you would like to explore more on which sex toys you can find out there, you can read a review of the we vibe chorus and dig a little deeper into the world of sex toys and what they can provide for us. As far as our article is concerned, we’ll mainly focus on the top mental health benefits of sex toys that make them highly beneficial for our wellbeing and bring about the growing popularity of sex toys. 


The top mental health benefits of sex toys

Sex toys increase your confidence   

Once you start experimenting with all the ins and outs of your body, you’ll appreciate it more and have more confidence. With sex toys, we can learn about new sensations, stimulate pleasure, and learn about what makes us feel good.

As a result, we’ll feel more positive about our bodies and our looks, respectively. With overall increased confidence, you can only imagine how mentally healthier we will feel, no matter where we find ourselves.

Sex toys promote better sleep   

As we all know, a well-ordered sleep schedule makes us feel healthier. So, how do sex toys fit into this picture? Masturbation and sex are proven to help alleviate restlessness and insomnia since sexual pleasure releases endorphins and oxytocin, responsible for our sense of feeling stressed.

Feeling calm can significantly improve our sleep schedule, as we won’t be lying in bed for hours overthinking about that work issue we couldn’t solve that day. Bedtime orgasms, especially, effectively promote regular sleep, which is what we all need after a hard day at work.  

Final thoughts

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of why sex toys are so popular. Not only do they better our wellbeing, but they promote mental health and help us feel more relaxed and confident. Whether you are a newbie or an expert with sex toys, you’ll find this information useful, and hopefully, it will make you consider experimenting with sex toys.    

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