How Can Cosmetic Clinics Stay in Business During a Pandemic?

Updated on February 2, 2021

The ongoing pandemic has had a terrible impact on most businesses around the globe. With experts advising us to stay at home to help reduce the spread of the virus, the economy has taken a huge blow. Some businesses have been closed temporarily while others might never reopen due to lost revenue during 2020 and 2021. Although there are many people around the globe getting vaccinated for Covid-19, and there seems to be better and easier to use testing for the virus, it might take years before the economy and businesses recover. 

Like most other industries, the cosmetic industry has been hit hard during the pandemic. Cosmetic clinics were one of the first businesses forced to close their doors. To help reduce the spread of the virus, we are advised to practice social distancing, which is very difficult to practice while dealing with a client.

As time went by, and experts got a better understanding of how the virus works, many businesses have implemented new guidelines to help cosmetic clinics stay open. Well established cosmetic clinics such as Berkeley Square Medical clinic in London provide their guests and employees with the highest PPE gear available and enforce Covid-19 rules to ensure people are safe from contracting the virus. 

Is there a High Demand for Cosmetic Surgery during the Pandemic?

2008’s global recession hit most industries hard, however, fortunately the cosmetic and beauty industry managed to survive. It’s unsure what the future will hold for the cosmetic industry after the world manages to get a grip of Covid-19, but because most of us have been forced to stay at home for long periods, it has given us a chance to look at our self-perceived imperfections. Many of us spend hours on our smartphones, contacting friends and family so we have been staring at our face and other parts of our bodies that we might not like. Often looking at ourselves on a computer or tablet screen from unfavorable angles. Lots of people like to add filters on their phones to help improve what they see when they look at their devices. This is a growing reason why there is such a large demand currently for cosmetic surgery and cosmetic products.

Downtime during the Pandemic

One of the other reasons why there is such a large demand for cosmetic surgery during the pandemic is related to downtime. Before the pandemic, it seemed very few people worked from home, so they would have had to take some time off work to recover after the procedure was complete. For smaller procedures patients would have had to expect to take one or two days off work, however for a bigger procedure such as a facelift, patients were expected to take a few weeks off before returning to work. In many cases, employees would not have been able to take such a long break from the workplace, however, with the majority of people working from home, it is a perfect time to get a procedure done. Also, we are advised to wear masks to help reduce the spread of the virus, so people can easily disguise the work that has been done and allow it to heal without embarrassment.  

What should you expect during the Pandemic when visiting a Cosmetic Clinic?

Most cosmetic clinics have worked tirelessly to reopen their businesses during the pandemic. They want to make sure that their patients are satisfied and safe when visiting their clinic. Here is a list of things you should expect in ‘’the new normal’’ of cosmetic clinics. 

  1. Staff members are regularly screened for the virus.
  2. If a staff member or a client develops Covid-19 symptoms or test positive for the virus they will not be allowed access to the premises. Guests will be contacted immediately if a staff member or a client tests positive for Covid-19.
  3. Staff will have had extensive training to help them and their clinic’s customers avoid contracting the virus.
  4. Employees and clients will have their temperature checked before entering the premises. If the person’s temperature is above 37.8°C they will be denied entry. 
  5. Staff members will be provided with the best PPE gear available, including masks, gloves, and eye protection. 
  6. Make sure you book an appointment with your cosmetic clinic before you arrive at the building. Don’t expect to be given access to the premises unless an appointment is arranged. During the pandemic, businesses don’t want their reception area to be overcrowded with clients. Arrive on time for your appointment and make sure to wear a mask.
  7. Most clinics have stickers on the floors to encourage social distancing. 
  8. The majority of clinics request that you come by yourself to your appointment. 
  9. There will be hand sanitizers in each room in the building.

Although this might seem like the traditional cosmetic clinic that you may have seen in the past, the outcome of the procedure will remain the same. 

What are the most Popular Surgeries during the Pandemic?

Doctors claim that there has been a large increase in the number of surgeries and consultations across the board. They also claim that it is very common for patients to show them screenshots of themselves from Whatsapp, Zoom, or Skype to show the doctors exactly what they want to have changed. 

  • Facial rejuvenation: Due to lots of people spending more time staring at their own face during work hours at meetings on zoom, neck lifts, eyelid, facelifts, and other procedures are the most popular surgeries currently. Doctors have found that patients are doing more neck lifts and lower-face surgeries because they can wear a mask while the healing process is underway. 
  • Body Contouring: With many gyms closed and contact sports not allowed, many of us have added a few pounds while hanging around our homes all day during the pandemic. Liposuction and abdominoplasty have been growing in popularity. 
  • Lip Injections: Many people assume because we are required to wear masks during the pandemic, procedures like lip injections might have decreased in popularity. In fact, it seems the opposite is happening. Nowadays, technology is so advanced, even a cheap smartphone uses cameras with high definition quality images so people are going onto zoom and other platforms and staring at their imperfections close up. Again, the bruising and swelling caused by the procedure are much easier to hide when you’re wearing a face mask.

Breast augmentation and breast reductions are also as popular as ever procedures.


For many of us, the pandemic has been a struggle. Not just on how we go and come from work, it has tested our mental health, travel, the way we socialize with others, and the way we look at ourselves. Never in history have human beings spent this much time staring at their own reflection.

Cosmetic surgery can help a person gain confidence and improve their self-esteem. If you are considering having some work done, you can speak with a doctor online without having to physically visit the clinic. You can send images and video call them online to help you point out exactly what you want to have done. Although the pandemic has been tough, having access to the world through our smart devices has become a necessity.  

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