How A Pre-Employment Online Assessment Upsurges Your Preparedness For An Interview?

Updated on October 16, 2021

Sorting through potential candidates to hire can be tough. And the post-COVID market is even worse since everything is now online, remote and via video calls. If you are a business looking to hire, it can be harder than ever to find quality candidates. It is a no-brainer that business and employers are receiving more resumes for one opening than they used to receive before. Additionally, not everyone will be appropriate for their organization’s culture, work ethic and may not have the skills to fill the position.

That is why every organization should use assessments to delve deeper into an applicant’s aptitude, personality, and ability before recruitment. If you are in HR or hiring position and want to save time and find the right candidate for the job, you must use online assessments and testing.

What Happens In An Online Assessment?

A pre-employment online assessment can target different areas:

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Behavior assessments
  • Technical assessments
  • Communication skill assessments

Psychometric Assessments: Through the psychometric assessment, the business gets to know about their candidates’ competencies, aptitude, and behavior. Mostly all employers perform this assessment to understand the personality traits that fit the role. Psychometric assessment includes personality assessment and cognitive assessment.

Personality assessment aims at evaluating a human’s personality. On the other hand, cognitive assessment helps an employer understand the critical thinking, numerical ability, decision making and problem-solving skill of an individual. Taking an online psychometric assessment will help you learn the competency gaps in your candidate.

Behavioral Assessment: A person’s behavior impacts their performance at the workplace. Thus, employers use this process to evaluate critical behavioral traits and check if they would excel in a particular role. This assessment can be used to see if the candidate would be a good fit for the culture and work ethic of the company. 

Technical Assessment: Behavioral assessment and psychometric assessment are based on a person’s personality traits. But technical assessment focuses upon an individual’s expertise in a particular subject. Organizations hire people with in-depth knowledge of a specific subject matter. The questions of a technical assessment are based on the skill requirements of a specific job or role in an industry. 

Employers use this technical assessment to access the candidates’ knowledge across various skills and subskills to hire the most competent candidate for their organization. eSkill works with many different industries such as manufacturing, IT, education, retail, typing, healthcare, accounting, banking, administration, call centers and many more. By employing the help of eSkill’s pre-employment assessments, companies have found they can reduce the cost of hiring by 70% and time to hire by 60%.

Communication Skill Assessment: Communication is imperative no matter which job role you are in or what industry you are working in. Every organization expects its employees to communicate fluently with the correct pronunciation, grammar, and comprehension skills. A pre-employment communication assessment can help determine if your candidate is able to communicate the way you need them to in order to fulfill their job requirements. A communication skill assessment is basically can be an oral assessment or a written assessment and can even test the candidate on industry-specific jargon so you can see if they understand the language of the business.

Assessments and skill testing will help organizations with better candidate selection, better filtration, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, eSkill offers tips for interviewers, which can be beneficial for hiring managers who need extra support when interviewing new candidates. eSkill has solutions for many industries and they use an integrated approach for pre-employment assessments and interviews.

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