Here is all that you need to know about Medical Marijuana

Updated on August 11, 2020
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The context revolving around the topic of marijuana being used as a drug in the medical world is definitely being side-stepped by doctors because it is a sensitive topic to be talking about. 

Marijuana, which is found in nature is composed of several active ingredients that have contradictory properties according to medical claims. The ingredient that is found in large quantities and is actually responsible for the ‘high’ that you experience is called THC. The other active ingredient which is popularly employed in medicine and science is called CBD and is the more subdued one. 

So questions may arise: Should marijuana be legalized? If yes, then how can the consumption of the same be limited to moderation? 

Should it be legalized? 

All these pressing questions are hovering in everyone’s heads but it is difficult to have one objective and universal reply to it. While 75% of Americans in the current century are for decriminalizing and legalizing the use of marijuana, there is still a chunk of the global population that is against it. 

The question is a fine line between choosing to legalize marijuana as a consumption drug that we use to get “high,” or to reintroduce it in the medical world, purely as a prescribed drug to cure the patients. Now whether the medical reason is a facade to camouflage attempts at legalizing marijuana for consumption purposes or otherwise is still a pressing question. The answer to which can never be unilinear.

Medical Uses of Marijuana

  • Treating Dravet Syndrome- 

Medical marijuana has proven to treat Dravet syndrome in children, which is a common form of epilepsy. This syndrome, which has been really difficult to treat in the past, has actually responded positively to marijuana. 

  • Pain Relief- 

In the US, hospitals use doses of marijuana to treat pain. It is not used to treat more severe pain syndromes but behaves more like a mild painkiller. It is definitely considered a winner in taking the place of Advil or Aleve and you definitely cannot overdose yourself with it. 

  • Sleep and Weight Loss- 

Marijuana has great relaxing properties which make it an ideal drug to treat insomnia. The usual tremors that can be easily experienced in Parkinson’s disease, can be significantly eased with marijuana. It can also be used to treat conditions like fibromyalgia, intestinal diseases, and endometriosis.

  • Post Surgery Drug- 

For treatments and post-surgical procedures where extra medication is required to ease the pain, marijuana makes a perfect replacement for powerful sedatives. Patients, after using marijuana as a recovering drug, have been recorded saying that they did not feel any s=discomfort in getting back to their regular activities. This was not the same for patients who relied on painkillers for their recovery phase. 

  • No more nausea- 

Even when it comes to managing nausea, which can be a result of several diseases and conditions, marijuana has claimed to provide the smoothest relief that no other medical drug could. Small dosages of it are also helpful in treating obese patients who are in desperate need to lose weight. However, maintaining a strict diet along with these dosages is stressed upon the most. 

Side Effects

However, it is harmful to pregnant ladies and there are reported claims that the ingestion of marijuana can cause hair loss and extremely dry skin. However, a good hair care routine coupled with the perfect diet can go a long way. If you are a recovering patient and are prescribed medical marijuana post-surgery, Take it. And if you are worried about hair loss, go through these men’s hair tips and tricks which will keep your hair looking young and strong. 


Should marijuana be legalized? It is a difficult claim to make. But if the dosage is controlled and only used for medical purposes, why not? If you are a bong lover and need to upgrade your bong collection, click here. The Weed Republic is a website which has an upgraded collection of bongs, for all your moods and requirements.

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