Here is an assistive tool that enables equality

Updated on January 22, 2022
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Being able to live life independently is a basic human need. But not everyone has the opportunity to live their everyday life without help or assistance from someone else.

Not two humans are the same. We are all different from one another. We have different interests, we like different things, and we are all given different advantages in life. Whether you are tall or short, male or female, or something completely third, you should be given the same equal opportunities as everyone else. So you can live the best life possible.

It is therefore great news that an assistive tool has been developed with the exact purpose of making everyday life easier for people who are paralyzed from the neck down or with disabled hand movement. 

TubusOne™ is for individuals with disabled hand movement

Reduced dexterity, no or low function in arms and hands, paralyzation or neurologic diseases are all disabilities that many people live with today. Having a disability can make life more difficult in several ways, especially when we live in a world where a lot of today’s communication and matters take place online and on some sort of digital device.

Tubus Technology is an example of a company that has designed and developed an assistive device whose main purpose is to help people who have disabilities that makes them unable to use and navigate on devices like smartphones, iPads, or other tablets with touch screens.

TubusOne™ enables digital communication

Tubus Technology has invented a device that can be used for navigating on tablets and smartphones. The device is called TubusOne™ and is a hands-free assistive device. 

It is a mouth-operated stick that is designed specifically for individuals with disabled hand movement. This device makes it possible for people with disabled hand movements to use smartphones and tablets just as easily as everyone else. 

This device is a great step in the right direction to give everyone equal circumstances and opportunities in life. It gives humans with disabled movement in hands or arms the freedom to manage their daily digital chores like work-stuff, writing texts, or playing games. 

TubusOne™ is composed of four components: a mouthpiece, a tube, a tip, and a Tubusclip. It has a design that makes it easy to achieve a comfortable positioning while using and does not require any software, which makes it even more simple and easy to use for everyone.

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