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Justice, great support and the opportunity of being independent. Those three things are all examples of something that is necessary for humans in order to give every person in this world equal conditions in life as everyone else. 

Everyone in this world are different. Not two persons are the same. We all have different interests, different likings and most important of all different advantages and disadvantages. in life. But in order to give everyone as equal circumstances as possible and the opportunity of being independent, it is both important and necessary that the people who have some sort of disability get the help and support that are needed. 

It is therefore great news that a tool has been invented with the exact purpose of making living life easier for people who have a disability.  

TubusOne can help individuals with disabled hand movement

One of the complications or disabilities that some people in this world have to live with is having either reduced or any sort of mobility in their arms or hands. This is a disability that can make life harder, especially when we live in a world where a lot of communication and matters takes place online and on some sort of device. 

Here is Tubus Technology an example of a company who has created a device whose purpose is to help people who have a disability that makes them unable to use devices like smartphones, iPads or other tablets and devices that have touch screens. 

TubusOne is a communication device

Tubus Technology have invented a device that can be used for navigating on tablets and smartphones. The device is called TubusOne and it is to be managed hands-free and instead meant to be used with the mouth. 

It is a mouth operated stick that is designed specifically for individuals with disabled hand movement. This device makes it possible for people with disabled hand movement to use smartphones and tablets just as easily as everyone else. 

This device is a great step in the right direction to give everyone equal circumstances and opportunities in life. It gives humans with disabled movement in hands or arms the freedom to manage their daily digital chores like work-stuff, writing texts or playing games. 

TubusOne is composed of four components: a mouthpiece, a tube, a tip and a Tubusclip. It has a design that makes it easy to achieve a comfortable positioning while using and does not require any software, which makes it even more simple and easy to use for everyone.


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