Heatless Curls 5 Ways

Updated on July 25, 2020

While you may not have anywhere to show off your new Spring/Summer fashion this season, now is a great time to try out some new beauty techniques. All this extra time at home means you can really focus on your own hair routine, finding new ways to feel great and look great without all of the damage that typical hairstyling methods involve. Experimenting with heatless curls is a great way to add texture and life to your locks while keeping them frizz-free. Try out these five heatless curl methods to find your perfect look, from beachy waves to perfect ringlets.

Achieving perfect curls without an iron takes longer than usual, so be sure to prepare accordingly. Most of these methods work best with slightly damp hair so that it can dry overnight. First, wash your hair and let it air dry or use a hairdryer until it’s about eighty percent dry. You can also dampen already dry and clean hair if you don’t need a wash. If you’d like, you can apply your favorite mousse, pomade, hair fibers, dry shampoo, or other texture enhancing product before choosing one of the following methods. 

1. The Braid Method

An easy way to get great beach waves and texture is to use the classic schoolgirl hairstyle. Depending on your hair type, this method will produce natural-looking curls or beachy flat-iron style waves. This technique is very customizable. You can do one, two, or more braids depending on the size of curls you’re looking for. French or Dutch braids will give you more waves all over. Large braids give a looser wave while smaller braids give more of a crimped look. Be sure not to do your braids too tight or they may not dry fully. And try to use a hairband that does not crease to tie off the ends.

2. The Headband Wrap Method

This method produces looser, ringlet-style curls and can really enhance curls for naturally curly hair girls. For this method, you’ll need a headband, bandana, or some strip of fabric that you can tie all the way around your head. Brush your hair out neatly and put the headband on over the top of your hair. Start on one side at the front of your head and separate out small pieces of hair about an inch wide. Twist each piece of hair lightly and wrap it up and over and around the headband. Keep wrapping until you get to the end of the piece, tuck it under or pin, and repeat all over your head. 

3. The Bun Method

This is a quick and easy method but may require slightly less damp hair so that it fully dries overnight. Start by separating your hair into two or more sections (try two if you have relatively fine hair, but feel free to do more if you have thicker hair). Take the first piece and twist until the base of the section starts twisting in on top of itself. Wrap the twisted section around itself as if forming a ballerina bun, tuck the end underneath, and secure with bobby pins or clips. You can also tie the twisted section in a knot and secure with bobby pins if your hair is long enough. Repeat with the remaining sections.

4. The Twist Method

This is just like the braid method, except instead of a normal braid, you’ll do a rope braid. Curls will be similar to the bun method (natural waves) but may turn out a bit smaller. Since the twisted sections of hair are a little tighter than some of the other methods, you’ll want to do at least two rope braids. To make a rope braid, take one section of hair, and further divide it into two pieces. Twist one piece away from your face and hold. Carefully twist the other piece in the same direction and then wrap the pieces around each other in the OPPOSITE direction than they are twisted. Secure at the end and repeat with each section.

5. The Individual Pin Method

This method is the most involved but can result in gorgeous, defined, large curls. Take a piece of hair that is about one to two inches and lightly twist a couple of times. Wrap the piece around a few of your fingers to form a curl, slide your fingers out, and pin the curl against your head. Repeat all over your head until all your hair is formed into curls and pinned up.

Make sure your hair is fully dry before you remove any pins and bands. You can spray with hairspray or dry shampoo if you want some more hold, or you can brush through the curls to loosen them up if you want. Make the style your own! Choose whichever method you prefer, go to bed, and wake up with beautiful curls!

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