Health Positives Of Going Paleo

Updated on April 15, 2020

If you have decided to embrace the paleo lifestyle, there is a lot you need to know about it before you start. The paleo diet is special in a way as it does not have weight loss in mind, even though it helps reduce weight. It helps support the perfect gene expression of an individual and impacts the body at a cellular level. This is the reason why it is recommended as a healthy alternative. It helps the body understand its unique needs and the transformations that take place in the body helps the body to balance itself. 

What Comprises the Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is a plan that is based on foods that were eaten during the Paleolithic age which dates back to 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. This diet includes food that was obtained through hunting and gathering. The diet plan has foods like legumes, grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, seeds, and nuts. There are many advocates for this food plan compared to the modern diet which contains more processed food than natural ones. It is believed that having a paleo diet results in fewer health issues.

Health benefits of the Paleo Diet

This diet plan offers a range of benefits that are got from eating natural foods and eliminating processed foods. Listed below are a few research-backed benefits: 

Weight loss

The main idea behind this food plan is to eat unprocessed natural food. This means the food will be low in sugar and carbs and has an impact on blood sugar levels. It also aids in reducing body fat which results in weight loss. Research on the usefulness of the paleo diet for weight loss started more than a decade ago. It was found that volunteers lost 2.3 kgs by following this diet for 3 weeks. Another research done in 2009 found that this diet helped people with diabetes reduce waist circumference and weight too. A study carried out in 2014 on obese postmenopausal women found that following a paleo diet helped to lose weight 6 months after starting the meal plan. More research is being conducted on the effectiveness of this diet. However, it must be noted that following a low-calorie intake with regular exercise helps weight loss.  

Muscle Gain

A paleo diet helps in muscle gain for people who are overweight and for people who are underweight. The body is deprived of nutrients when a person is overweight or underweight and adversely reacts to it by either storing everything that’s consumed or rejecting it altogether. By consuming a paleo diet the body will seek a comfortable level based on the nutritional value of the food. This thereby increases muscle strength instead of storing or rejecting energy convertibles from food intake.

Clean Eating 

The diet focuses on clean and natural eating by removing processed and unnatural foods. Moreover, there is no need to sacrifice taste for health explains experts from, as these are whole foods that are highly nourishing and tasty.  This diet is not very restrictive as you can still indulge yourself in better options like natural sweeteners that have a low glycemic index or using dark chocolate, etc.  

Fewer Cravings

The paleo diet comprises of food that is low on carbs and high in protein and fats. Since the food has healthy fats and high proteins, you feel satiated for a longer time and have fewer cravings. The modern diet, on the other hand, will cause sugar spikes and more hunger pangs. 

Better Heart Health 

Many studies show that people who follow a paleo diet have a healthier heart. It is especially useful for people who have diabetes and heart ailments which are the most common complications. It also aids in reducing the total cholesterol, LDL, and triglycerides while boosting the HDL.

Lowers Risk of Diabetes

Paleo diet helps in reducing the imbalance of hormones and body fluids. It aids in creating the right balance for the body at a cellular level. One of the major reasons for a person becoming diabetic is a decrease in insulin production. Paleo diet is found to improve insulin resistance and control blood sugar levels. When insulin sensitivity is improved it can aid in reducing the symptoms. 

Reduces Blood Pressure 

One of the major reasons for heart ailments is high blood pressure. Following paleo cuts the risk of developing high blood pressure and promotes a healthier heart. A study conducted earlier found that participants who had a paleo diet for 3 weeks boosted the systolic blood pressure. It also helps reduce body weight, BMI and blood lipid profile, which aids in a healthy heart. 

Boosts Energy

A paleo diet plan includes foods that have a low Glycemic Index, GI. High GI based foods offer sudden energy spikes for a very short limited time. A Paleo diet includes foods that fuel the body rather than providing sugar spikes. So you have more energy throughout the day.

Better Gut Health 

The digestive system consists of trillions of microbes that are useful to digest food, improve metabolism, synthesize nutrients and boost immunity. By following a paleo diet, you eliminate food that is hard on the gut and consume food that boosts better gut functions. This contributes to a better gut. 

Lowers Stress Levels

The paleo diet plan includes foods rich in magnesium, vitamin C, omega 3, adaptogens and zinc. These vitamins and minerals help lower the production of cortisol which is the stress hormone. Hence, people who follow paleo enjoy lower stress levels. 

Regulates Hormones 

Modern food is high in toxins and omega 6 which can affect the hormones in the body. A paleo diet aids in removing the toxins in the body and increasing the omega 3 which balances the omega 6, thereby regulating hormones. 

Offers Relief from Constipation

Paleo diet promotes fruits that are rich in pectin that helps facilitate easy bowel movement. Modern foods like cereals and grains are difficult to digest thereby leading to constipation. Pectin rich fruits also offer relief from painful gas. In combination with the diet, heat therapy can help with constipation.

Better Quality Sleep

A paleo diet consists of food like avocados, beef, pork, tuna, and spinach. These help in regularizing the sleep hormones namely the melatonin and serotonin and aids in better sleep. 

Following a paleo diet gives a more holistic approach to health. That means mind, body, and soul are all well-cared for. 

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