Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All While Saving $1 Trillion A Year

Updated on January 15, 2022

Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All While Saving $1 Trillion a Year, the timely new book by Edward C. Eichhorn Jr. and Dr. Michael Hutchinson, demonstrates that there is no reason why the current expensive health care mess should continue, and no reason why American health care cannot once again be the envy of the world. Healing American Healthcare traces the origins of the high cost of our current system and discusses how it affects patients, doctors, industry and the Nation’s bottom line.

Co-authors Eichhorn and Dr. Hutchinson also believe that making health care a right does not mean that the government should pay for it. This groundbreaking new book highlights how quality care can be made available to all Americans. The book features a unique plan that, when followed, will reduce bureaucracy and medical waste, while improving quality and creating much-needed competition. The authors demonstrate that savings to corporations alone would be as much as $173 billion annually, with total savings of $1 trillion, or 5% of GDP – an enormous boost for the economy.

“We believe that the changes described in our book are very possible,” says Eichhorn. “Our well-researched and innovative plan would change the focus from excessive profit in patient care to competing for the opportunity to provide innovative and cost-effective patient care.”

Throughout Healing American Healthcare, Eichhorn and Hutchinson lay out a comprehensive plan to fix the broken American healthcare system where they review the single-payer systems in other nations, how our outcomes compare with theirs and how we got to where we are today.  Using charts, historical data and even light-hearted comics, they also examine the major segments of our health care system including insurance companies, physician issues, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as their impact on our very high per capita costs. However, the exciting highlight of the book is where they provide the details of The Eichhorn–Hutchinson Health Care Plan. This plan is designed to reduce the nation’s health care costs while improving the quality of health care for everyone.

“Our goal is reducing runaway deductibles while eliminating the vast number of uninsured or underinsured Americans so our system returns to being the best in the world,” adds Hutchinson.

The authors urge that the changes described in this book are very possible and can be implemented to correct the price structure of health care if we can come together to make this very disruptive and needed series of changes a reality.  Healing American Healthcare also covers the following themes:

  • The structure of single-payer systems in other countries and how we compare        
  • A brief history of Universal Health Care efforts in the United States                                              
  • How the plan could generate bipartisan support
  • Evolution of Obamacare and why it failed
  • Nothing compares more with bureaucratic socialism than the current system
  • Crony Socialism: the impact on consumers when government gets into bed with corporations
  • A deep dive into the Eichhorn–Hutchinson plan: because choice is important to all Americans  
  • Stresses of the practice of medicine, and physician burnout
  • Out of a million bankruptcies in the United States in 2016, 62% were caused by medical costs

ED EICHHORN is a veteran medical products and services developer and founder of Medilink Consulting Group LLC where he advises medical societies and commercial clients on marketing and strategic planning projects. During his 40-year career, he has been the Director of Research and Development for a kidney dialysis company, helped to found an innovative successful mobile medical testing business, has been a senior executive for a large chain of medical imaging centers with responsibility for sales, marketing and strategic planning. He is active in his community and has served on his local school board for 12 years and as a member of the board of trustees at his alma mater, Stevens Institute of Technology for 3 years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering and an MBA in Industrial Management. Eichhorn is the co-author of Healing American Healthcare (2019) with Dr. Michael Hutchinson.

DR. MICHAEL HUTCHINSON is a neurologist and biophysicist. He is senior faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in Manhattan, with 30 years of clinical experience. He is certified in neurology and neuroimaging, and is immediate past president of the American Society of Neuroimaging. He holds a PhD in molecular physics and invented parallel MRI in 1987, now the standard for clinical MRI. While a resident at University of Washington he pioneered an approach to status epilepticus – the most lethal form of epilepsy – which is now standard of care in the US. Dr. Hutchinson has a large private practice in Manhattan. In addition he teaches and conducts research, including fundamental MRI theory and its application to neurodegenerative conditions. He has recently published a theory of ultrafast MRI, and co-authored Healing American Healthcare (2019) with colleague Ed Eichhorn, Jr. 

Healing American Healthcare: A Plan to Provide Quality Care for All While Saving $1 Trillion a Yearis available on Amazon and other fine booksellers. For more information, visit https://healingamericanhealthcare.com/.

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