Heal the World with Holiday Gifts that Help Humanity

Updated on November 2, 2023

Are you stumped about what to get friends and family for the holidays this year? Look no further than the Medical Teams International Gift Catalog! It’s easy and affordable to give gifts that satisfy the soul and let you say goodbye to malls and endless online shopping. The perfect gift is just one click away at www.medicalteams.org/catalog

For every gift you give in honor of a friend, co-worker, or loved one, you’ll receive a beautiful card to give to them. The card explains the incredible impact of your gift and how it’s providing life-saving medical care to people in crisis. Also, the amount you give will be doubled, thanks to one of our generous donors. Medical Teams is pleased to offer the following life-changing gifts. 

Birth Kits: $26 

Every child deserves a joyful welcome into the world, but in many places, delivering a child can be deadly. When you give a birth kit this year, you’re helping a mother and baby survive childbirth! For just $26, you can provide the life-saving medical supplies doctors and nurses need to safely deliver two babies. What better way to honor the beloved women in your life?

Childhood Health: $30

Sadly, children under age five are at greater risk of dying from preventable causes. Malaria is one of them. For just $30 you can make sure that 10 children receive anti-malaria treatment when they need it!

Disaster Survivor Kits: $50 

Earthquakes, wildfires, flooding, and other crises unleash chaos. We’ve all seen the headlines from the past year – it seems like every day there’s a new disaster. Your gift of $50 provides the basic hygiene supplies five people need for one week in an emergency.  It’s the perfect gift for the person in your life who’s always prepared. 

Malnutrition Treatment: $100

In this season of plenty, consider giving $100 to help a child recover from malnutrition. Every day, children around the world aren’t playing and laughing like kids should be because they don’t have enough to eat. Your gift of $100 changes that!

For more options or to give a meaningful and memorable gift, visit www.medicalteams.org/giftcatalog

About Medical Teams International

Founded in 1979, Medical Teams International provides life-saving medical care for people in crisis, such as survivors of natural disasters and refugees. We care for the whole person— physical, emotional, social and spiritual. Daring to love like Jesus, we serve all people—regardless of religion, nationality, sex or race. Learn more at medicalteams.org and on social media using @medicalteams.

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