Have You Suffered from a Misdiagnosis? Here’s What You Can Do

Updated on April 14, 2021

Medical misdiagnoses happen thousands of times every year and this error in the healthcare system can be a matter of life or death. This is a common flaw amongst healthcare professionals and an issue that must be addressed immediately. If you, or a loved one, have suffered from a medical misdiagnosis, here is what you can do. 

Trust Your Instincts 

Nobody knows your own body better than you. Human instinct is surprisingly accurate, so if you feel like something is wrong, trust your gut. You may not be a medical professional, but you do inhabit your own body on a daily basis. You will know whether everything feels as it should. Don’t be afraid to challenge your doctor and ask questions. 

Get a Second Opinion from Another Doctor 

More often than not, misdiagnoses are avoided by getting a second opinion from another doctor. If you are worried about the costs of getting a second opinion, your health insurance will typically cover it. All you need to do is get a referral from your current doctor and gather all of the medical reports associated. This is especially beneficial when your doctor has identified a rare disease, made a cancer diagnosis, or recommended that you undergo surgery. 

Don’t Take No for An Answer 

When it comes to something as important as your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing, you should never take no for an answer. If you are unsatisfied with the treatment or diagnosis you have received, make sure that you make your opinion known. Ask to see a specialist if your doctor has brushed off your diagnosis.  

Speak to a Legal Professional 

If you have suffered a misdiagnosis and been the victim of medical negligence or malpractice, your best bet is to speak to a legal professional. Many lawyers are specialized in this area of law and can help you understand if you have a legal case or not. Make sure to collate as much evidence as possible before speaking to a lawyer. Don’t forget that, depending on your state, these types of claims tend to be valid within a two-year time frame.  

Keep a Detailed Diary of Your Experience 

Finally, a great way to help your own legal case is by keeping a detailed diary of your experience. Medical diagnoses, or misdiagnoses, can take place over the course of many months or even years. Remembering all of this information is difficult so keeping a daily or weekly journal can strongly help your case. 

Monetary compensation may not be able to restore your health, but it can help relieve financial pressures. Nobody enjoys visiting the doctor and we all hope to live long, healthy lives. Therefore, when you do finally go and find that your own health has been compromised at the hands of a medical professional, your morale takes a hit. Always get a second opinion from another doctor if you aren’t convinced by the first consultation. After all, your life might depend on it. 

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