Guidelines for Buying and Using Diabetes Supplies

Updated on April 8, 2021

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You visited the doctor and came home knowing that you now have Diabetes. Worry not; Diabetes is one of the more common chronic health conditions in the world. Chances are that you will remain diabetic for life, but this is something you should accept and move on. Remember, there are those who administer Diabetes effectively and live with it. Using proper methods of keeping your blood sugar level in check is the way forward. 

First, you must have a highly efficient blood sugar meter to know the actual level of sugar in your blood. Check the blood sugar level several times a day if possible. By doing this, you will have an idea about the type of Diabetes you have. It is best to ask your physician about the kind and supplies you might need to administer your blood sugar at home by yourself properly. Note that worrying will only make your condition worse, so take your time and ask the doctor about buying and using quality Diabetes supplies that can help you live a normal, happy life: 

Dental care

Your Diabetes raises your chances of suffering from teeth and gum related conditions. These can occur from time to time, so instead of worrying, it would help to arrange supplies to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Keep your stuff separate and make sure no one uses it. Have a soft, rounded and flexible toothbrush that is less likely to harm your teeth and gums when brushing. Avoid using brushes that have stiff filaments and a flat hardtop.

Similarly, keep a mouthwash and use it after every meal, especially before going to bed. Regularly using mouthwash will keep your mouth cavity free of germs and bacteria. Make sure to use fluoride toothpaste only.  

Find an innovative blood glucose meter

It only makes sense first to buy a blood glucose meter, so do that first up. Make sure to do proper research and do not waste your search. Find a highly functional and reliable glucose monitoring system that could last a long time. Besides, the meter should boast functions along with an accurate reading of your blood sugar level. Start exploring the market and find the meter that is reliable and has an excellent reputation. 

Find a product supplier with experience and a rich portfolio of reliable and user-friendly products like the Ascensia Diabetes Care. Their supplies enjoy a positive repute in the market and they’ve been around for decades. Trust their supplies and maintain an inventory of supplies at home in case you need them. You will get additional supplies with the meter, including liquid kits that allow the meter to provide accurate readings, testing strips, and a carrying case. 

Skin treatment supplies

Diabetes affects every part of your body, especially the skin. Make sure to prevent your skin from dryness, cuts and bruises and bleeding. Sugar patients may end up suffering from infections through these injuries, so it is crucial to keep your skin safe and protected. Use quality skin products such as moisturizers and conditioners to keep it healthy and soft. 

In case of injuries, you should have available antibiotic creams and lotions, bandages and shampoo. Keep these supplies at home and use them when needed. Use your skin moisturizer and lotion more often, and keep your skin soft and nourishing, especially during the winter season.

A word on Insulin supplies

Many people with Diabetes suffer from Insulin related problems. This happens when the body struggles to react to Insulin. Some Diabetics may need to inject Insulin using syringes and Insulin Pens. It is best to consult your physician before spending money on purchasing these supplies. Realize that injecting Insulin is not for everyone, so pay heed to the words of your physician and practice caution when injecting Insulin using a syringe or a pen. 

In case you know how to inject it, make sure to have the following supplies at home:

  • Gels and tablets of glucose
  • Glucagon shot kits
  • Reusable and disposable pens and syringes
  • Insulin and needles

Note that it is best to ask your physician to provide you with a prescription mentioning supplies, but it is unnecessary. In most cases, you should be able to buy the reserves without a prescription. Some manufacturers provide syringes that boast a magnifying glass that makes it easy to read the dosage. Keeping the needle steady when inserting it in the skin is necessary, for which you will get safety guards. 

Testing strips for Ketone

The body starts to break fat for energy to make up for the lack of Insulin. The presence of Ketone bodies in your blood suggests that your blood sugar level is nearly out of control. You can take a Ketone test at home using Ketone strips at home. 

Following this guide can help you find and buy the best and most suitable Diabetes supplies to keep your blood sugar level in check, so get started already. 

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