Guide for Starting Your Own Home Health Care Agency

Updated on August 19, 2021

As the human lifespan increases over time, people have started to realize the importance and impact healthcare has on life quality. Nowadays, healthcare is much more accessible than it used to be, even to the point that healthcare professionals are always in demand. Regardless of the reason for visiting a healthcare facility, most patients avoid going to the doctor because of the time spent in traffic or overcrowded waiting rooms. As a consequence, many practitioners are starting their health care agencies.

Starting a home health care agency is probably one of the best business ideas nowadays. Whether it is regular testing or consultation they need, people who require health care services are aware they can obtain them at different locations with different practitioners, so many of them are constantly on the lookout. If you have been thinking about running your own business, the healthcare industry is an excellent choice. In this article, we will cover a few basic steps for starting a home health care agency.

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Get Insurance

Purchasing an insurance policy early on is one of the most important aspects to consider for any type of business, and the medical industry is no exception. When starting a home health care agency, your insurance should cover general and professional liability, license defense coverage, and HIPAA defense coverage, among other things.

Luckily, these days, it’s easier than ever to find business insurance online as most companies offer plenty of details about their services on their websites. Some insurance companies can even work with you to develop your insurance plan or offer packages geared towards home health care agencies. 

Go Over Your Business Plan

To have your insurance always cover every facet of your operations, you need to go over your business plans and make sure each of the points accommodates your company and employee needs. Over time, the scope of your work may shift, and you want to be ready to meet new changes without disrupting the workflow at your home health care agency.

Secure Licenses and Certifications

Depending on where you live, most states require accreditation, licensing, and certification of different kinds if you want to run a home health care agency. Some states even require a jurisprudence exam, so make sure all your documents are in order before your home health care agency is open for business.

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Develop a Marketing Plan

Healthcare is not as simple to market as other service types, so make sure you have an elaborate marketing plan covering client acquisition and retention. Modern companies often rely on online marketing as one size fits all, but that practice is impossible to employ in all business sectors. For instance, using the same marketing tactic for targeting young adults will not yield the same results when applied to seniors and older adults.

Focus on Recruitment and Retention

Your staff will be the face of your home health care agency, so make sure you focus on recruitment and retention as much as you can. When first recruiting employees, pay attention to what makes the biggest impression and identify possible red flags. Once you find employees that are the best fit for your agency, make sure you provide a competitive package to keep them happy working for you.

Get Software for Scheduling, Billing, and Timekeeping

Time will always be the most critical asset in all lines of business, and healthcare is no different. By investing in software solutions that help organize and save your time, you will save yourself a lot of headaches, too. Paper is far from being out of use, but most agencies see numerous benefits from incorporating helpful software into their practice.

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Define Agency Policies and Procedures

All health care agencies should draft their policies and procedures for different operations like client rights and responsibilities, new admissions, and care plans. By drafting agency policies, you will stay compliant with laws and regulations and streamline processes by providing decision-making guidance. Having a routine for scheduling, billing, employee and payroll records, hiring, orientation, or training can go a long way in ensuring your agency operates as smoothly as possible.


No matter the scope of services you want to offer with your home health care agency, you should keep in mind that you are entering a growing, competitive marketplace. Home health care services could always use an upgrade to improve the lives of those who need them, so if you have any ideas to make your agency different and better than the rest, you are probably ready to start your home health care agency.

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