Getting a COVID Test Can Alleviate Anxiety

Updated on July 13, 2022
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By Marie Miguel

The pandemic has caused a lot of anxiety for many of us. We’re all on the lookout to see if we have symptoms of COVID. That can cause people to feel anxious. For those with anxiety disorders, it can worsen the symptoms of these preexisting conditions. Whether it’s shortness of breath, fever, or any other signs that you may have COVID it can be extremely anxiety-provoking. Even if you’re following protocol for social distancing, you could still be anxious. That’s why if you are having symptoms, it’s crucial to alleviate your anxiety by getting tested. It only takes a few minutes to get a COVID test, and that will likely release some of these upsetting feelings. Rather than worrying, it’s better to take any action that’s productive to your mental and physical health. Here’s why getting yourself covid testing is good for your physical and psychological health.

Social distancing and anxiety

Social distancing can provoke feels or anxiety or even panic. If you have anxiety attacks, you may find yourself experiencing them more during the pandemic, and that’s normal. There are steps you can take to address your anxious feelings. Stop for a moment, and take inventory of your current routine. Think about the activities that are causing you to feel anxious. It could be remote work or trying to navigate online school for yourself or your children (if you have kids). You could be experiencing anxiety about video calls through Zoom or secure video chats with mental health doctors. If you’re worried about having COVID symptoms, that can increase your anxiety even more. You might be ashamed or scared to tell friends, family, loved ones, or even your doctor about your symptoms. First, acknowledge that you’re doing the best that you can at the moment. Next, take one step forward and contact your doctor. They can refer you to a testing site. Getting the test done will help you stop worrying and get treatment if you need it. 

Stop worrying 

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is scary for people who have anxiety and those who don’t. No matter who you are, and what mental health conditions you have, it’s overwhelming. Adults and children are affected by COVID. Of course, social distancing can alleviate some of the worries because you’re following the protocol of the CDC, but it can also create more worries. You’re isolated from others. You’re worried about going to the store even if you’re safe, wearing a mask, and staying six feet away. These worries are natural. If you’re concerned about your health, start by asking people who are knowledgeable about the topic, such as your primary care physician.

Get support for mental and physical health

Call your primary care doctor first. Ask them what steps you can take to ensure physical health. If your anxiety feels unmanageable, you can also ask about getting mental health care. Your doctor can refer you to a therapist. You can ask for resources from organizations that support mental health awareness, such as NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). NAMI is a wonderful place to get guidance about mental healthcare. They can provide you with support groups during the pandemic. No matter what, you’re not alone in your anxiety. Many people are experiencing these feelings. And you can talk about the fear of getting tested for COVID. It’s likely others feel the same way that you do. 

Online therapy and COVID

Online therapy is a great place to talk about issues related to pandemic. You don’t have to suffer through anxiety alone. Consider connecting with a mental health professional through telehealth. You deserve to feel well, especially during a tumultuous time that’s affecting the entire globe. If you’re curious about how mental health impacts us, you can visit various websites such as The Anxiety and Depression Association (ADAA). You can also talk with an online therapist to get support. Since you can’t see a mental health professional in person, online counseling is an excellent option. Anxiety can feel debilitating, but there are solutions. A therapist can help you through these challenging times.

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