Getlabs and Blokes Partnership Makes Men’s Health Treatments Fully Remote

Updated on December 20, 2022

Getlabs, the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostic collections, and Blokes, a modern men’s health treatment platform, today announced a partnership that brings at-home lab draws to Blokes clients across the country. This move increases convenience and access to effective hormone and testosterone treatments, while also protecting privacy by keeping every aspect of hormone treatment in-house. 

The effects of hormonal changes and decreases in testosterone can have profound impacts on almost every aspect of a man’s life. Blokes is focused on providing easy access to hormonal treatments and services through its virtual platform, with a focus on testosterone replacement therapy, prescription peptide therapy, and hormone support treatments, across all 50 states.

Low or decreased testosterone levels can be linked to several problems that influence men’s health and overall well-being. The American Urological Association lists the issues stemming from low testosterone as low sex drive, fatigue, reduced lean muscle mass, irritability, erectile dysfunction (ED), and depression. Low testosterone is also an increasingly common problem for men. Between 1999 and 2016, testosterone deficiency affected 10%-40% of adult males, including 20% of adolescent and young adult men aged 15-39 years old. Additionally, 52% of men experience ED in their lifetime. As more and more men suffer from these symptoms that negatively impact their lives, Getlabs and Blokes will be there to offer expanded options for responding to these issues. 

Men experiencing the negative effects of low testosterone, weight gain, or changing hormonal levels can now book an appointment for an at-home diagnostics collection with Getlabs after conducting an online health visit with a Blokes licensed health provider. A Getlabs phlebotomist visits the client’s home, workplace, or other convenient location to draw a sample and deliver it to the lab for analysis. Then the experts at Blokes create a personalized health plan which will be sent directly and discreetly to the client’s home.   

“Issues like gaining weight and low testosterone can have huge effects on both physical and mental wellbeing,” said Kyle Michelson, Founder and CEO, Getlabs. “Working with Blokes to bring diagnostic collections directly into the homes of those struggling with the challenges of hormonal changes equips men with the tools they need to become the person they want to be.” 

In addition to the initial assessment, Blokes allows for unlimited follow-ups to fine-tune each individual’s treatment. While the full benefits of TRT and peptide therapy are usually not reached until at least six months of treatment, many men notice improvements in sleep, libido, energy, strength, cardiovascular health, and motivation within a shorter time frame.

Blokes also has a sister company, Joi, which supports women’s health through its refined treatment platform. Women who want to improve their confidence, vitality, skin, energy, and stamina can utilize Joi in the same way men use Blokes: by scheduling an at-home lab appointment with Getlabs and working through a personalized plan created by Joi’s experts. Joi offers a number of different treatment programs to help women feel like the best versions of themselves, including libido, gut & immunity, strength & muscle, cognitive function, anti-aging, hair health, cellular support, sleep, and weight loss.

“The teams at Blokes and Joi want to empower men and women to make more effortless and efficient choices with their health. Society has lagged in preventative and proactive self-care, and we want to reduce the overall friction of traditional doctor appointments. Healthcare should be approachable and convenient, and most men and women have busy schedules, family obligations, and an active social life. Working with Getlabs allows us to provide a first-class and seamless experience that is the first step towards self-improvement,” said Josh Whalen and Katy Whalen, Co-Founders, Blokes and Joi.

“I’m 42, and now get my labs done at least twice a year. It’s a view ‘under the hood’ so I can correct any issues before they become problems — or even uncorrectable,” said Eric Hinman, endurance athlete, content creator, and social media influencer. “Blokes and Joi partnering with Getlabs makes my life even easier by making it more convenient to get this comprehensive data and detailed discussion about my results.”

Getlabs’ convenient at-home diagnostic collections empower men suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone, hormonal changes, and weight gain to quickly address their issues with Blokes’ licensed medical experts. Getlabs sends samples to the top labs across the United States, making it convenient for men no matter where they live. Patients can schedule an appointment at

About Getlabs

Getlabs is the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostic collections. Patients can book a certified phlebotomist to draw their labs at their home or office. Healthcare organizations and providers can dispatch Getlabs’ medical specialists to their patients and collect labs, vitals, biometrics, and more. By partnering with Getlabs, providers can improve adherence and make informed medical decisions remotely.

About Blokes and Joi 

Blokes and Joi intend to put sick care on an upside down trajectory by empowering individuals to make healthier and more optimal decisions in a complicated healthcare system.

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