Get soft, silky and hairless skin with laser hair removal treatment

Updated on February 16, 2021

Many people face the problem of unwanted hair removal at some stage in their lives. Women especially suffer from unsightly hair growth on the chin and upper lip. Some men have so much hair on the back that they would never remove their shirt in front of others. Armpit hair is a concern for both men and women, and women especially like to have clean armpits that also help to keep body odor in check when sweating. Eliminating unwanted body hair is a priority for many men and women who regularly take to shaving, waxing, and trimming to fight the recurrent growth that is hard to prevent by these means. Only Atlanta laser hair removal can ensure that unwanted hair goes away, never to show up again. 

The problem with the traditional methods of hair removal is that it is a very temporary solution to the problem that can plague people throughout their life. No matter how regularly you remove hair, it keeps coming back after some time because that is the nature of the human body. And to add to the woes, more rigorous are the attempts to remove hair, faster will be the re-growth.  This happens because the traditional methods can only uproot the hair but cannot stop the growth. After a few weeks, hair grows right at the place from where it was removed.

Stop recurrent hair growth

Laser hair removal is the only certain way of stopping hair growth. Millions of people have experienced the effectiveness of the procedure that, despite being costly, is worth paying for. It will not be wrong to say that the treatment is successful in most cases provided it suits the person. The skin complexion and the hair type, how coarse or thin it is determine the rate of success. The skin color or pigmentation is an important factor that influences the outcome, and you must consider it before deciding to go for the procedure.

A non-invasive and non-surgical procedure

All traditional methods of hair removal are external applications without the need for any cuts or stitches, even though there might be slight bruising when shaving and burning sensation during waxing. The laser hair removal procedure is like the traditional procedures in that it is also non-invasive and non-surgical. Also, it is entirely safe without any cuts, bruises, or burning sensation. The only one may feel slight discomfort that is not at all hard to bear, and it might not also happen for everyone. Most spas, such as Ethos Spa, can perform either procedure.

Areas of application

Laser hair removal treatment is applicable to any area on the body, no matter how small or large it is. It is also applicable to specific areas prone to razor burns and prevents bumps from appearing at the site of hair removal in the future. Since the treatment is costly, you must balance your needs of hair removal with the cost to decide which should be the area to target to test the efficacy of the procedure without burning holes in your pocket.

Not only does unsightly hair go away, but you also get a softer and smoother skin.

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