Fundamental Tools and Equipment to Have in Your Dental Office


There are just some things that are a must-have in a dental clinic. And if you are a dentist or planning to set up a dental clinic you should know the basic tools required.


Here are all the essentials pieces of equipment you need for your dental clinic.

Basic equipment:

There is some basic equipment that a dental office can’t do without. And these are:

Oral examination mirror:

Every dental office should have a mouth examination mirror to visualize any sort of issues related to the oral cavity.


Every dental office should have probes to determine the location and depth of plaque and other dental concerns.


Dentists use forceps to hold, extract, separate tissues and ligate, and suture them. Therefore, forceps are the necessary equipment in a dental office. Forceps are also of different kinds… Each type of forceps has a different use. To name a few surgical, ligature, hemostatic and more…


Pliers are tools that are especially used in orthodontics and for lab work as well. They are used for cutting wires, bending them, and for hooks and braces. They are of various types and come with various tips for specific purposes.

Rotatory pieces of equipment:

Rotary equipment is essential for shaping, remodeling, and making dental fixtures and molds. Rotary equipment uses burrs-mostly diamond-cut burrs- and can be attached to different hoses used for different operations. These burrs can be found from many sellers but the best inline is Meisinger. The different types of rotary equipment are:


Turbines are rotary equipment. Their mechanism of action is to use air compression directly from the unit’s conduit through coupling. It is the one with the highest speed but has limited torque.  It is used to remove dense tissues from the teeth like enamel, prosthesis, etc…


Dentists use micromotors for the treatment of tissues that are semi-hard. It can be connected to various hoses. The speed can vary too. The micromotors can be attached to two handpieces; straight and/or angled handpieces. 

Light curing Dental lamps:

These lamps are used for photopolymerization processes in dental materials, in particular adhesives and composites. They have ultraviolet light that acts on photopolymerizable materials and causes their polymerization and hardening in a short time.

Apex locator:

These are endodontic devices. They measure impedance, frequency, and endurance of enclosing corporeality. Apex locator locates the effective depth of the root canal.

Laboratory Equipment:

Some lab equipment is needed in a dental office. Such as:


Autoclaves are used for sterilization purposes. And every instrument needs to be sterilized before using it on a different patient to prevent cross infections.

X-ray device: 

To know the dental issue, an x-ray is always ordered before treatment. Therefore an x-ray machine is a must-have in every dental clinic.


Setting up a dental clinic other than the equipment, requires proper waiting area chairs, stools, desk for consultation, proper dental chairs and units, and much more. Make sure to form a checklist and get proper guidance before starting your clinic. 

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