Fukuiku Is Changing How We Pursue Health and Cleanliness

Updated on January 17, 2023


Many medical professionals have over the years, preached about health being the most important factor of human existence. Our health is so key that when it fails, nothing else makes life enjoyable. Sometimes, we find that we play down on the importance of our health. We leave ourselves exposed to health threats that could easily be avoided by being more conscious and reactive.

As the world evolves, science exposes us to several health threats that are mostly caused by human activities, especially those that are caused by how we interact with our environments. So, it is only normal that we look back at most of this activities and make better decisions that can improve our health and life.

FUKUIKU which means “cleaning to protect health” is a foundational and holistic method that changes how we pursue health and cleanliness in our society. This initiative was brought to us by the founder and representative director of Prana corporation, Tadao Matsumoto.

His story on how he discovered and developed the FUKUIKU method to health communities and society is so inspiring and helpful. He’s applied himself largely to the functionality of this concept through educational books he’s written to guide learners and even an invention known as the “air mop”

Tadao Matsumoto gives an account of why he picked the desire to start the cleaning movement to be more than just sweeping the floor; that it was inspired by a grandmother. He first got into the field of hospital cleaning 36 years ago, whilst still in his mid-twenties, he didn’t think too much about how big this could be until his encounter with an elderly woman whose room he had to clean. In that experience, he saw the advantages of how cleanliness helped the woman conquer her health challenges by developing a stronger immune system to kick out the disease. And that was only possible because of cleanliness and hygiene. That was the beginning of this incredible journey.

Since January 2019, he has been teaching environmental maintenance to approximately 200 cleaning staff at the Women’s and Children’s Health Institute (1,000-bed hospital) in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China. His activities have expanded overseas, including the publication of translated books in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand.

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Matsumoto has always tried to find a passion that could help other people and he found it in this. In his words about his vision, he says, “Now that I know this, I really want to protect people’s bodies and minds from viruses, dust, bacteria, mold, and mites. I did not want to see people suffer. That is my unwavering belief and vision that “a clean environment protects life and health. I want people to become healthy through cleaning. I want to increase the number of smiling people. I want to protect life. I truly want to protect life

As an astute reader and sympathizer of many works, one most notably, “The memorandum of Nursing” by Florence Nightingale, Tadao his since not taken a step back but continue to increase the visibility and knowledge of the FUKUIKU initiative to change the approach of how we pursue our health.

As we know, the human body comes with antibodies and immune systems that are pre-naturally installed to help protect our health. Although this has been taught by many in science,how ever we actually fail to establish a functioning means of adoption procedures that primarily maintains these antibodies and immune system to fight pro-actively and holistically for the benefit of achieving a better health state. This is what FUKUIKU is trying to help us achieve and it’s doing so in a different and distinguished way. 

In the center of this learning and impartation, Tadao is focusing more on the children. Perhaps because his childhood was something he could relate this with or maybe because children will inevitably be the larger society tomorrow; perhaps both. But in all, we cannot do anything more than appreciate, adopt and implement this life-changing idea that would better our lives and overall well being.  

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