Freshpaint Unveils Healthcare Privacy Platform Empowering Privacy-First Marketing That Ensures HIPAA Compliance

Updated on November 8, 2023

Freshpaint recently announced the launch of the first Healthcare Privacy Platform to help healthcare companies use the industry’s best marketing, analytics, and advertising tools while remaining HIPAA compliant. Backed by leading investors Intel Capital and Y Combinator, Freshpaint has built a platform for healthcare companies to promote healthcare services while protecting patient privacy.

Traditional tools for managing data are not designed for heavily regulated industries like healthcare. Healthcare organizations need technology that prevents visitor and patient data from being shared with non-compliant destinations in their tech stack.

With a dedicated privacy platform, healthcare organizations will be in compliance with HIPAA through technology that allows them to understand and govern the data shared to third-party tools. The Freshpaint Healthcare Privacy Platform includes:

  • Embedded video support: Allows healthcare organizations to use tools like YouTube on websites, while ensuring HIPAA compliance.
  • Web tracker monitoring: Gives marketers visibility into all third-party web trackers that may be running on websites and other digital platforms. With this information at their fingertips, companies can swiftly identify and address any potential privacy risks, ensuring patient data remains protected at all times.
  • Data governance verification: Gives healthcare organizations a clear picture of exactly what data is being shared to end destinations. This transparency not only builds trust but also ensures that organizations can quickly spot, and stop, any irregularities.
  • BAA-supported platform: Replaces non-HIPAA compliant tracking technologies and centralizes the collection of website visitor data in a platform backed by a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).
  • A safe-by-default approach: Helps eliminate human error by giving users an opt-in approach to data sharing for tools that aren’t HIPAA compliant.
  • Built-in deidentification: Creates an anonymous visitor ID and uses irreversible cryptographic hashing to de-identify data. Analytics platforms use that anonymous ID to create the complete visitor journey without knowing the visitor’s identity.
  • Industry-best marketing integrations: Prevent protected health information from inadvertently being shared with tools that healthcare marketers rely on, like analytics, direct response advertising, and programmatic ads.

“In today’s post-guidance world, many healthcare organizations are pleading for a clear and durable path forward that balances HIPAA compliance and high-performance marketing,” said Steven Fitzsimmons, CEO and co-founder of Freshpaint. “We are giving healthcare organizations the power to take a privacy-first approach to marketing, not just today but in the future as privacy regulations change.”

Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform is already used by Baptist Health, Vybe Urgent Care, Boulder Community Health, and other healthcare organizations of all sizes. With Freshpaint’s Healthcare Privacy Platform, the healthcare sector can look forward to a future where digital innovation and patient privacy go hand in hand.

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About Freshpaint

Freshpaint helps healthcare marketers unlock high-performance marketing in a HIPAA-compliant way through its Healthcare Privacy Platform. Freshpaint’s privacy-first approach to data sharing allows healthcare marketers to continue to use the most advanced ad, analytics, and personalization tools – without heavy engineering or long implementation times. Freshpaint is backed by leading investors such as Intel Capital and Y Combinator. For more information, visit

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