Foundations to Make Life Easier


Putting discipline and structure into place for your life might not sound exciting or all that riveting, but can be so amazing if done at least half well. There are times to enjoy complacency and comfort, but it’s not the rhythm of life most experience on the daily. Regular challenges, either challenging us upwards and forwards, or in circles until we learn a certain lesson to move on from. Let’s look at a few key pieces of infrastructure to implement into your life to make things a bit easier.

  1. Disciplined structure and security. This is implemented in a variety of applications, from people to places to things and thoughts and emotions in place. Discipline comes in many forms, not just what most imagine, which is a variation of some type of punishing behavior or activity. Discipline is actually a key component of a good and happy life. Discipline and a structured system provide consistency, reliability, love, friendship and communication. Having a few places you regularly visit and feel good in such as a local coffee shop, favorite restaurant, favorite grocery store, a beautiful park, a movie theater you enjoy frequenting, a local hobby store, and more that fit the lifestyle you want to create for yourself, provides consistency and familiarity in an otherwise swiftly and ever changing world. Taking the time to plan out what you want your life to look and feel like leaves no time for otherwise challenging decisions on what to do and where to go. Having a foundation of discipline and structure, in addition to having a safe and secure home and home life is an underlying foundational requirement of living a good life, as we need to feel good about where we’re sleeping at night, and have a comforting refuge from the world at large.
  2. Strong relationships. Having a great friend, or circle of close friends, a trusted co-worker, kind boss, a loving relationship with your life companion, and someone like a therapist or a life coach is a crucial piece of life’s infrastructure, especially when life gets tough. Simply having someone to talk with and bounce ideas, thoughts and feelings off of, or sit in peaceful silence with is one of the most heartwarming and pure things in life. Doing life together with another human that has your best interests at heart, as you have theirs, can be one of the best things in the life of most people, for years and years. If you don’t have someone that is this for you currently, whether you’re looking for a business mentor in Chicago, or trying to find a NYC based life coach, chances are, you will find exactly who you’re needing in your life, exactly when you need them, and when they need you. There’s an old saying that goes something like: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
  3. Healthy and positive habits. From drinking plenty of water each day and eating healthy, journaling, exercising, following through with commitments, maintaining good hygiene, managing your finances well and keeping a general healthy outlook on life, keeping beneficial and healthy habits are something that many struggle to achieve a balance of, but always strive to. Many books and businesses have been designed around this very need. Our habits make us who we are, and having strong, healthy and beneficial habits creates a life of positive and forwardly progressing disciplined actions and results. 

Taking time to put structure, healthy habits and key people in your life to reduce the amount of decisions to be made when there is free time or a precarious scenario can be the difference between moving towards your goals, or away from them. These, mixed with healthy habits, close friends and trusted loved ones, having a life coach or spiritual advisor, and having a foundation of discipline and routine make life easier to progress forward in, especially in times of uncertainty. Putting a strong foundation together for yourself, whether personally or professionally, might seem daunting at first, but take it one step at a time, and soon enough, you’ll have made a tremendous amount of progress forward. Never underestimate the power of time, focus and working towards goals, every day.