Five Ways To Successfully Market Your Nursing Practice

Updated on January 25, 2021


Typically speaking, nurse practitioners may not really feel the need to ‘market’ themselves because why do that in the first place! However, as more states award FPA (Full Practice Authority) to NPs, opportunities for creating business ventures are in abundance. And thus, the need for effective marketing practices is created. According to the 2017 AANP National NP Sample Survey, 12.5% of respondents reported that their actual worksite is a private gathering. Past surveying patients, requesting and deciphering diagnostics tests, or overseeing treatment plans, numerous NPs likewise need to deal with their business and market their healthcare services.

Effective marketing can help your career as a nurse entrepreneur regardless of your workplace setting, specialties, or area. Indeed, advertising is substantially more than merely selling a service or product. Training, advertising, and public relations; all are jigsaw pieces to a more comprehensive marketing strategy. How would you connect the dots and begin marketing your nursing services viably? Here are a couple of marketing tricks and tips to get you started in the world of marketing as a nurse practitioner. Nurses who want to run a successful healthcare services business of their own will benefit greatly from these. So, here we go!

  • Thorough online marketing

It’s imperative to know that no business can exclusively depend on only one marketing technique or channel. Promoting is two-pronged, and it needs to work in tandem for it to have an ever-lasting impact.

IT is particularly imperative to digital or online marketing. Some nurse practitioners may feel that investing 2,000 dollars into online advertising can help them win patient trust immediately.  However, this is totally bogus, especially in marketing healthcare services, and it is a typical misstep!

Sure, a nursing field degree, such as an online rn to bsn program, will enhance your nursing expertise, but marketing is a whole new ballgame. Online marketing is a great marketing technique that requires a minimum level of skill and know-how to utilize correctly. It permits you to put your business out there on the web and in front of countless individuals that probably won’t have the foggiest idea that your nursing business exists.

Today, most people use Google to get answers concerning nearly anything and everything under the sun. Be it social media or online research journals, digital platforms are now the primary source of information. And this is why it’s critical to put resources into online marketing. For example, having a Facebook business page is crucial to market your private services as an NP. You should be ever-present on it and post content routinely to engage with people and extend your services to them.

  • Utilize SEO 

A website is crucial to establish a digital presence successfully and plays a central role in online marketing.  As nurses trying to market themselves or a business venture, a website will help you build online authority and trust. How? Through SEO.

SEO is somewhat complicated and technical. However, to keep things simple, you should understand that it can be a highly effective, low-investment marketing solution for your nursing practice. SEO includes a ton of things. It implies your website’s complete optimization for increased visibility on search engines such as Bing or Google. A definitive objective is to have a functional and smooth website that permits potential customers to have an incredible online experience, driving quality traffic to your site. The more high-quality content you publish on your website, the higher your digital authority. And the better your rankings on SERPs. Hence we strongly suggest writing articles and blogs related to your business and the services you intend to provide as an independent NP.

  • Branded goods and print materials

Does your nursing practice have a notable brand name? If yes, then you must show it off!

Marketing your private business venture using branded goods and print materials is old-fashioned but highly effective. It is an excellent technique to build word-of-mouth offline. Create high-quality and unique designs if you’re hoping to promote your nursing practice through print media and other customizable merchandise. Form a partnership with a local vendor and produce some excellent branded promotional products to pass out to individuals you meet! Brochures that outline all the services you’re providing are an absolute necessity. You should include a complete detail of services such as patient care, meal prep, home procedures, etc. Don’t forget to include your contact details.

  • Create business cards

Is a business person even a business person without business cards? Probably not! As vital as printed promotional material and merchandise are, they’re probably still not more important than having your business cards. The latter is compact, easy to carry, and even easier to hand out to people as you meet them. It would be best to put educational qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree in allied health, or master’s in nursing practice, and the number of years of clinical experience in the fine print along with your contact details. Business cards will make you more reachable by patients in need, especially in the case of an emergency.

  • Network and participate in local community events

Another excellent way NPs can market themselves and their private practice are via networking. No matter how big or small an event is, make your presence count. Meet individuals in your area, associate yourself with entrepreneurs or other business people, network with associations that line up with your mission statement. There are numerous potential partnership possibilities out there that will allow your business to bloom.


In today’s tech-savvy world, using digital tools and platforms to market your nursing practice is your best shot at succeeding. The more you create quality content, the more extensive your reach. The key inherently lies in building online authority to gain more referrals. Whether it be a nursing practice or any other for that matter, how you market your business is essential to increasing your exposure. There are numerous approaches to sell your nursing practice to people in your community. You can go about picking some from the ones mentioned above. In the end, attempt to educate your audience and provide them with valuable and comprehensive nursing services. After all, nothing will market your nursing practice better than the quality of patient care you provide.

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