Firefly Health Taps Oshi Health to Add Whole-Person Digestive Care to Its Virtual Specialty Network

Updated on March 15, 2022

Firefly Health – a virtual-first healthcare company with a mission of delivering half-priced healthcare that’s twice as good, clinically and emotionally – today named Oshi Health, the virtual specialty care company transforming gastrointestinal (GI) health outcomes and economics, as its preferred partner for digestive care.

Digestive health issues include a wide-ranging set of symptoms and conditions that affect 1 in 5 working age adults in America and incur higher direct healthcare costs than heart disease. Its actual impact is likely far greater as millions more patients go undiagnosed and indirect costs such as reduced workplace productivity are difficult to record.

“Digestive issues are among the most common complaints we see in our population, yet the solutions often miss the mark,” said Jeff Greenberg, Co-founder and Chief Network Officer at Firefly Health. “Oshi Health is a natural partner because of its whole person approach. With Oshi, we are excited to move digestive health care from ongoing procedures and tests to longitudinal behavioral support. Together, we can transform the patient experience for the many people who are desperate for effective digestive health treatment.”

Oshi Health’s integrated GI care model provides effective relief through evidence-based, whole-person care — including often-neglected dietary and psychosocial interventions — and can quickly achieve a diagnosis and guide individualized treatment.

Patients connect with specialized providers via telehealth visits, their care plan is continuously informed and refined by their symptoms, food and bowel movement monitoring, and a health coach provides daily messaging and support to make sustainable lifestyle changes.

Oshi Health members often achieve symptom control within 90 days, and 91% of members report that Oshi Health helped them improve their quality of life.

“We are excited to partner with Firefly Health to make digestive health convenient, accessible and empowering for their members,” said Oshi Health CEO, Sam Holliday. “Firefly Health has helped normalize virtual-first care delivery, enabling us to transform the daily lives and end solvable suffering for millions more people in America with these conditions.”

Through this agreement, Firefly Health members receive free, 24/7 access to virtual visits with a complete GI care team – including GI providers, dietitians, health coaches and psychologists, symptom tracking tools, instant messaging services, and more. For care outside of the Oshi Health app, such as lab tests, medication and in-person physical exams, standard insurance copays or deductibles apply.

About Oshi Health
Oshi Health is a completely redesigned gastrointestinal care experience. Its virtual, patient-centered care delivery model is built to provide diagnosis and multidisciplinary care for GI conditions, and to empower people to gain significant and lasting control of their symptoms and improve their quality of life. Oshi Health works with innovative employers and health insurance partners to scale access to their employees and members as a covered benefit, in turn, reducing overall healthcare cost and improving productivity in life and at work. Oshi Heath was launched in 2020 to improve the lives of people with gastrointestinal diseases. For more information, visit

About Firefly Health‍
Firefly Health is a health plan and virtual-first care innovator on a mission to offer half-priced healthcare that’s twice as good, clinically and emotionally. Through their care + coverage health plan and primary care service, they deliver an unrivaled member experience that seamlessly integrates primary, behavioral, and specialty care.
By leveraging its proactive care model, hybrid network, clinical navigation, and analytics infrastructure, Firefly aims to dramatically improve accessibility and outcomes while lowering healthcare costs for businesses and their employees. Learn more at

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