Finding the Deeper Meaning Behind Your Dreams

Updated on March 24, 2022

Everyone dreams when they sleep, whether they remember them or not. Sometimes these dreams can be pleasant and calming or awkward and scary at other times. Every night, an individual can have as many as five dreams if sleeping for a considerably long time. The movement speed of one’s eyes, known as REM (Rapid Eye Movement), also plays a role in dreams.

Many people are of the opinion that dreams don’t hold much meaning as they’re the product of the subconscious. But others aren’t ready to discount dreams so easily and believe there are deeper meanings behind them. If you’re one of those people, read on to learn more about the deeper meanings behind our dreams.  

What Are Dreams?

According to a licensed Westmed Medical Group clinical social worker, Alan Kuras, dreams are simply sensations, thoughts, images, and at times sounds that our senses receive while sleeping, but not all medical professionals hold that opinion. 

Many psychologists believe that our dreams are linked to our minds, and some of them have meanings, while others opt to believe in tarot cards meanings of dreams.

In modern psychology, dreams are considered the mental manifestation representing an individual’s unconscious wishes and desires. They serve the function of processing memory, consolidating learning processes and tasks, subconsciously preparing for future threats, and more. So understanding the meaning of your dreams can be beneficial in many ways.

Dreams and The Meanings Behind Them

Here’s a rundown of some of the most common dreams people have and their meanings based on tarot interpretations.

What Do Cats in Your Dream Signify?

A lot of people seem to recall cats appearing in their dreams based on polls and studies conducted on dreams. 

Traditionally cats usually signify bad events and may also indicate betrayal or disloyalty from a close one. The color of the cat also plays a role in the interpretation of it in your dream. A black cat could represent an approaching illness.

What Do Dreams About Airports Mean?

Dreaming of airports is a comparatively recent phenomenon and can indicate a lot of things since airports represent different emotions for different people. 

Aside from being anxious about a flight, this kind of dream could also mean a time of lifting, change, or transition. So if you dream of airports, it should pay off to be a bit wary of changes in your immediate future.

Losing a Tooth  

People have been dreaming about losing teeth for thousands of years, so if you have dreamt of your tooth coming loose, there’s nothing to feel weird about it. Both children and adults can have dreams that show them a loose tooth coming off. 

This kind of dream usually indicates embarrassment or you being bothered about your physique, attractiveness, or even your professional or personal abilities.

Dream About a Partner Cheating

This kind of dream is very common among both sexes, but statistically, women tend to have these dreams more than men. While definitely not the most pleasant kind of dream to have. 

They’re usually not worth overreacting as many do. You may simply just be afraid of losing a partner to infidelity. Other interpretations reveal that it may reflect loyalty, trust, and communication issues.

Preparing a Meal in the Dream

A lot of people dream of food, but very few usually dream of cooking in a dream. However, it’s definitely not a bad thing, and if anything, it indicates one’s love for cooking and food. But sometimes, it can have other meanings as well. If it’s not a casual dream about food, it may mean that you are close to making a move in the future.

If you’re a woman and dream of baking, it may signify the urge to conceive a child with your partner, which merits a serious conversation.

Running From Something Chasing You

This one is one of the more unpleasant kinds of dreams one might have. It may mean that you are trying to evade a situation you have to face, you are being fearful, or you feel tormented by someone or a situation.

Following Your Dreams

Understanding the meaning of dreams is not an easy task for the average person. This is why knowing the meaning of dreams is an important skill to have if you’re one of the lucky ones to remember your dream after waking up. 

But if you truly want to understand the meaning behind dreams, especially recurring ones, going to a psychologist is the best thing to do.

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