Filter Kaapi is gaining popularity with most coffee lovers around the world

Updated on October 20, 2021

Being a morning person adds to several health benefits! But not many of us can manage to do that—a huge section of people at large faces the challenge of getting up in the morning. But there is a section of people who have the motivation to get up early. Are you wondering what the secret motivation is? It is to wake up to their favourite cup of coffee in the morning. And when it comes to coffee, today’s world is quickly graduating to filter coffee than any other form of coffee for numerous reasons. 

Filter coffee, or Filter Kaapi as it is popularly called, has gathered more value in people’s lives than the costly chain of coffee joints expanding globally. Today, there are popular coffee house brands across the globe, but still, most people want the traditional South Indian filter coffee because of its simplicity and refreshing quality. 

One wonders what makes filter coffee so unique! Do you resonate with this question? If yes, keep reading to discover more wonderful facts about this coffee type. 

The coffee powder contributes to its quality

The coffee powder used for filter coffee decoction is a combination of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. The proportion is a balanced 50 to 50. The coffee beans mix gets finely grounded. 

That is not all! A small amount of Chicory also gets added to the coffee powder. Chicory gets best described as a woody plant that gets added so that the traditional filter kaapi gets the typical brown colour and aroma. The overall mix of Chicory must not go beyond 20% to 30% of the entire coffee powder mixture. To attain the correct blend, mixing 80% of the plantation powder with 20% of Chicory is essential. 

There is no stirring

There is no need to stir the milk as well as the decoction for making the coffee. It would help if you mixed it well simply by pouring it, making use of a Dabara back and forth, along with a tumbler. And this method of pouring makes sure that your decoction gets adequately mixed with the milk. Simultaneously, you also have a frothy layer atop the coffee that adds an element of gustatory and visual delight. 

Adding the milk to your coffee

Usually, when you add boiled milk in the decoction and serve, it becomes a mainstream coffee. However, when you want to taste filter kaapi, you need to use a secret ingredient. And that is unboiled fresh milk.  As you complete making a tumbler of the filter kaapi, the unboiled milk will provide the taste you are looking for. It is what creates the creamy layer atop the coffee and also maximizes the decoction flavour. And that’s how you can relish the correct decoction taste.

You should pay attention to the presentation

Will you ever find anyone who drinks the filter coffee from a saucer or cup? The answer is no. Typically, the filter kaapi gets served in a Dabara and a brass tumbler. So, if you wish to have an authentic experience, you need to consider the presentation and the preparation. People who make and consume filter kaapi across the globe are aware of the relevance of metals such as copper and brass, which often gets used for serving and cooking food. It comes with ample health benefits that you can reap in. 

However, the reason to serve this coffee in a brass tumbler has nothing to do with any health benefit. It gets served this way so that the coffee stays warm for a long period. The logic is simple – if your coffee is warm, it automatically tastes better. Some men enjoy this coffee while reading the newspaper. Some women drink it after taking an evening walk with their friends. Hence, it is essential to keep the coffee warm and flavourful. 

Also, several students across the globe count on the filter kaapi to stay awake and study for their exams. It enables them to have a fresh mind and work on their academic projects. Young executives count on the filter coffee to stay focused while preparing their business presentations. Furthermore, music lovers love to sip into their best filter kaapi as they listen to their best numbers while relaxing. All these reasons make this coffee popular and unique. For the ones who love it, filter kaapi is more than a beverage. It is an emotion. 

The other reason that has added to its popularity is its availability. Today, several online providers of authentic filter kaapi cater to customers from across the globe. You need to browse and research online to come across a brand that delivers what it says and is known for the high-end filter kaapi at a reasonable cost. Once you search online, you will come across many brands and choose the one you like best to enjoy your share of filter coffee. 

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