Explore PDFBear: Your Web Tool Provider to Manage Electronic Files for Online Classes

Updated on March 2, 2021

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, many countries around the world have implemented online classes in their education system. For the sake of keeping everyone healthy, some countries can’t afford to send their children to school because of the threat of the virus. With the new teaching and learning method, you’ll even notice some minor and major changes if you compare a student going to school or attending classes online. 

One of these changes is the use of teaching and learning materials. Instead of using physical books, papers, journals, and other printed materials, students attending online classes use mostly digital. However, it could be a lot of hard work to deal with tons of electronic files while attending classes almost every day.

Don’t worry because PDFBear has all you need for your files. It’s a website that comes with free file tools and services. Hence, check the list of online tools of PDFBear below and explore each one that you’ll surely need to manage and organize all of the electronic files you use for online classes. 

Online File Converter

You might have different projects you’re currently working on, and you need another file version of your existing electronic documents to be the supplementary material. For example, if your PDFs contain photos that you want to be your resource material, you can process conversion from PDF to JPG high quality images. 

Besides that, the file conversion of PDFBear will also allow you to transform your files in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel into a PDF format and vice versa. Even files in JPG or HTML can also be converted to PDF. You can check the website of PDFBear to see other files that you can convert to other formats that you might need for your projects. 

Moreover, you don’t have to worry because the conversion process won’t take much of your time. PDFBear uses the most simplified conversion method. Hence, You only have to spare a couple of minutes and give it a few clicks, and it’s done. You can then use the converted files anytime. 

Online PDF Merger

In attending classes online, you might have many learning materials that you always use for different curricular subjects you’re taking in this term or semester. You might not also want it that your PDF files are scattered all over the screen of your computer or smartphone. It’ll surely make it difficult for you to locate a particular PDF file you need. 

Hence, you have to use the PDF merger of PDFBear. The tool will help you employ effective file organization by combining PDFs you use in the same school subject into a single PDF file. You can also merge those PDFs that you’ll need to complete the same school project or task. By doing so, every time you’ll need a specific PDF document, you’ll know what folder to access and open and which merged files to search for it. 

Online PDF Protect

Another helpful tool of PDFBear that you’ll surely need for your learning materials in PDF format is the PDF protection tool. The tool will help you make all of your PDFs safe from people who want to access and use them without permission. The process is quick and easy. You only have to go to the PDFBear website and upload your files.

Then, create a password by combining different numerals, small and capital letters, and other symbols of your choosing. The system will immediately save the password you’ve provided and will only take a couple of minutes. After that, there you have it! Your PDF files are now protected by a secure password. 

Online PDF Repair

It might be inevitable sometimes that your PDF files get infected by malware or corrupted by a computer virus, especially when you keep accessing open-source websites and you are fond of file-sharing. Worse, if you badly need the PDF file for your project and it gets corrupted all of a sudden, that’s a huge problem. 

Worry no more because there’s a specialized online tool of PDFBear to significantly help you out in this situation. The PDF repair tool is the solution to your problem. You only need to get your PDF files uploaded on the repair kit of PDFBear online. The tool will then start recovering as much data as possible of your damaged files. 

However, it’ll sometimes be infeasible to fix a corrupted PDF file, depending on the extent of the damage caused by a computer virus.  But for those that can still be recovered, PDFBear can significantly assist you. Just give it a couple of minutes for the tool to finish the file restoration process. After that, your PDF files are now in good condition that you can use again anytime. 


Electronic files are easier to manage and more convenient to use than those stack of printed learning materials on your table. However, many people still have different struggles with their electronic files. That’s understandable if they don’t have enough knowledge about file management or don’t have the necessary file tools. 

Don’t worry about it anymore because PDFBear will give you all of the online tools and assistance you need for your files. Hence, the next time you need any of these tools, don’t forget to access the PDFBear website, and the tools there are always available online to help you. 

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