Explore Egg Bank Services for Your Fertility Journey

Updated on April 1, 2024

In today’s world, advancements in Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) have revolutionized the ways people can build their families, making the dream of having a baby more attainable than ever before.

One of the main key advancements is the concept of Egg banks which opens access to Donor Eggs for families struggling with fertility issues.

Egg Bank concept

Egg Bank is a specialized facility that collects, freezes and stores donated Eggs from carefully screened Donors. 

These eggs are then made available for later use by Intended parents undergoing fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Surrogacy.

Egg Bank processes

In an Egg Bank, Donors who contribute their Eggs undergo thorough screening to ensure the highest quality and suitability of the genetic material. This rigorous screening process is crucial for ensuring the health and well-being of any future babies conceived using these donated Eggs.

After the eggs are collected, they undergo a process called vitrification, which involves shock freezing to preserve their viability. These cryopreserved eggs are then stored until they are selected for use in fertility treatments.

Donor eggs are recommended for use in the following cases:

  •  Diminished ovarian reserve
  • Poor Egg quality
  • Genetic disorders that can be passed on to children
  • Individuals who have undergone cancer treatment affecting their fertility
  • Repeated unsuccessful IVF attempts

Please note that every case is unique. Consultation and prescriptions from a doctor are essential.

ADONIS Fertility International services

ADONIS Fertility International, with over 25 years of experience, offers a comprehensive range of services in Assisted Reproductive Technologies, making it one of the most reputable medical facilities in the field.

One of these services is ADONIS Own Egg Bank.

ADONIS Fertility International offers a comprehensive infertility treatment process, including Donor selection from ADONIS own Egg bank. This approach provides added convenience for patients seeking treatment without additional concerns.

ADONIS Egg and Sperm bank meticulously selects every candidate. Donors undergo a thorough screening process in ADONIS own examination laboratory to ensure their physical and genetic health, as well as their suitability for donation.

 These evaluations prioritize the well-being of the potential donor-conceived child and the recipient parents.

ADONIS’ licensed Egg bank has received numerous recognitions and permissions, including:

  • Tissue Bank License issued by California
  • ISO certification for ADONIS laboratory
  • License from the bank of cord blood stem cells and other human tissues bank (UA)

These accreditations highlight ADONIS commitment to maintaining high standards and ensuring quality in the services of ADONIS Fertility International.

In addition to the Egg bank, ADONIS Fertility International offers the following services:

  • Own examination laboratory
  • Own surrogate database
  • Own cryobank for the cryopreservation of genetic material
  • Own embryo department
  • Own maternity hospitals

Whether you choose to undergo infertility treatment in Ukraine or the United States, ADONIS maintains consistently high standards of care, ensuring a perfect balance between quality and affordability.

Genetic material Donation might not always be fully estimated by society, but it has brought immeasurable happiness to millions worldwide by enabling them to start new lives. 

Make an informed decision and select the best option for your reproductive journey!

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