Expectations in A Personal Injury Claim- How Much Can I Receive?

Updated on January 3, 2024

Seeking compensation for a personal injury is obvious if losses and injuries are severe. You cannot handle a financial crisis after a certain limit because you may have a number of obligations to look after. A personal injury claim is filed so the injured party can seek financial assistance from the liable party. Generally, it should be filed with the help of an injury attorney in Atlanta since he knows personal injury laws. He can even evaluate your injuries, including other losses, to maximize the claim value.

What should you expect in a personal injury claim?

It is not a good idea to set your expectations high when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. The amount is dependent on several factors. But it’s best to navigate these factors with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Some of them are elaborated on below:

Extent and nature of injuries

They will make the most of your claim amount. The injuries you received due to the accident and the physical pain you are undergoing will play an important role when the insurance company assesses your claim. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to include all your medical reports, medicine details, and doctor’s notes if you want to get the maximum compensation from the insurance company.

Insurance companies usually set a policy limit, indicating the maximum amount they will pay for a specific claim. For instance, an auto insurance policy might establish distinct limits for bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Financial problems

These problems may arise if you cannot work for weeks or months. Due to this, you are entitled to recover losses due to the inability to earn or other benefits you may have received otherwise. Your lawyer may need to obtain the employment details to calculate the amount to be included in the claim. If you were earning high wages, you are likely to receive more money.

If an employee can’t work due to a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation may offer wage replacement benefits, usually a percentage of their regular wages. The same is true with permanent disability, wherein the amount is determined by the nature and extent of the disability.

Mental health

In a personal injury claim, your mental health plays a significant role. In case you have received injuries and started to feel depressed right after the accident, your attorney will include it in the personal injury claim. You will likely obtain compensation for pain, suffering, and mental anguish. A good lawyer can calculate this amount based on your condition.

Mental health can be significantly disrupted by a traumatic incident that results in pain and suffering. Pain and suffering damages, considered non-economic, are subjective and influenced by evidence strength. Loss of consortium, which involves the impact of the injury on relationships, is another factor considered in some cases. Jurisdictions may have caps on non-economic damages, and a judge or jury often negotiates or determines awards.

Settlement or lawsuit?

Most people believe they will receive more money if they fight the case in court. However, they should also consider the attorney’s fees, court fees, and costs associated with stamps and postage. They should make the right decision based on the need for an hour. Moreover, a personal injury lawyer can suggest the best solution. 

When estimating your potential personal injury settlement, a standard calculator may not provide accurate figures, as amounts vary from case to case. Settlements often deviate from the average, and unique factors such as punitive damages can result in significantly higher payments. Seek help from a personal injury attorney to understand where your case falls within the spectrum of typical settlements.

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