Expect These Results Using Standing Desk for at Least a Month

Updated on June 23, 2020
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Now, everybody is speaking about a new trend in offices and homes. This trend is called height-adjustable or standing desks. They are supposed to be not just comfortable but super healthy.

We have checked some ideas, and we have come to the conclusion that a height adjustable standing desk is helpful indeed if you want to improve your health. Moreover, such an item can make you not only feel better but look better, too. 

Buying even the most advanced height-adjustable desk is not enough to achieve the wished results. You need to make some efforts, depending on the results you are expecting. Thus, what do you need from your new furniture piece?

  • Getting rid of constant backaches caused by sitting;
  • Losing some weight;
  • Eliminating the risks of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Increasing your mood and thus, the energy level that is so much needed to work?

Whatever your aim is, everything depends on you, and a properly made standing desk will help you to feel motivated.

How to Eliminate the Pain in the Back? Simple Exercises to Do at Your Standing Desk

When you are sitting, your back needs to take an unnatural position to adjust to the back of the seat. You might not notice any problems if you stay in the position for a short time. However, prolonged sitting periods, for example, at work, can cause discomfort and pain in the back.

If you are working at a standing desk, you can do a simple exercise to release the tension in the muscles. For that, do the following:

  • Stretch one arm, put it across your chest;
  • The other arm goes under and above the arm that is on the chest. It looks like you are hugging the arm that is across the chest;
  • Stretch both arms;
  • Reverse the arms positions;
  • Repeat the exercise as long as needed until you feel that the back muscles are relaxed, and the pain is reduced.

A standing desk is just the right item to do this exercise. You have enough space and do not attract the attention of your colleagues. Once you get used to doing it every 30 minutes, you will forget about back pains caused by prolonged sitting.

One more simple exercise that you can do is a so-called rock’n’roll exercise. Get up from your working place. Step back. This time, you do not need your standing desk to serve as a support for you. Start leaning back. Do it slowly, otherwise, you might damage your muscles. Lean back as much as you can. Now, lean forth. Touch the ground without bending your knees. Add leaning right and left. Within one month, you will not only get rid of backache, but your stomach muscles will become firmer. 

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Are You in a Good Shape? Get a Perfect Look with This Simple Exercise!

If you have been dreaming of biceps and triceps like those that you see by athletes, just go for it. If you work at a nice height-adjustable table, you do not need to put your hands on the office floor. Just adjust the table to the needed height. Do not forget to make sure it can support your weight.

Now, it is time to do some workout. Place your hands on the desk edge. Legs shall be stretched behind you. Lower your chest, it shall be almost at the desk level. Ready? Now, push up. Repeat the exercise as many times as you can. Within less than one month, you will see the result.

If You Want to Make Your Legs Fit

There are some simple exercises that you can do to improve the health of your legs and feet. The results come almost immediately, within less than one month.

Adjust your standing desk conveniently so that it can serve as a support for you. Hold onto the desk edge. Slowly, bring one of your feet to your backside, as close as possible. Then, slowly, bring it into the initial position. Do the same with the other foot. Repeat as many times as you can. To see the results asap, try to do it not less than 10 times.

This exercise will help you to keep your calves fit and in nice shape. You might be just standing on the floor or you might be holding onto your desk to keep the balance. Slowly, raise your heels off the floor. Stay in this position for a while. Then, slowly, lower your heels and stand on the floor normally. Repeat at least 10 times every day if you want to get a fast and efficient result. 

To have fit legs, do leg extensions at least from time to time. Sit in your chair. Hold onto the chair edges. Extend your left leg. Keep it at the hip level if you can. Put your leg into the initial position. Repeat the exercise with the right leg. Repeat for each leg 10 times at least.

These exercises are easy-to-do and do not attract a lot of attention. They are very convenient to do if you work at a standing desk which height you can adjust depending on the exercise. With some efforts from you, you will see significant results within one month. And if you work out consistently, it will help you not only to be fit but to prevent many diseases, in particular, those of the cardiovascular system and diabetes.

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