Exercises for Weight Loss

Updated on December 12, 2020

When we are trying to burn fat, lose weight, we use many methodologies such as dieting, taking pills, and injections. Whereas we prefer other methods of losing weight which is safer and equally effective.

Such as drinking water, using alternative diets, and most important exercise. Exercise is one of the healthiest activities to keep you sharp, active, and fit.

Gaining weight is very easy, whereas losing it is actually a task. So, you need to take measures that are safe for your health and also effective for losing weight.

We prefer exercise due to its immense importance to health and your physical life. It can actually be really fun and a good way to spend time. 

Exercising is way more fun than it sounds to be. There can be numerous ways of exercising for a different type of body fats and health.

  • Walking

Running and walking is one of the most important and effective forms of exercising and getting back to shape. It is a lower-impact exercising technique for beginners.

Initially, you can start off with you can walk for a few hours and then eventually increase your speed and walking time according to your stamina. 

Walking can be way easier in the sense that listening to your favorite music and walking can be really fun and a good time spending technique.

It does not require any form of costly machinery or equipment but just determination and stamina also losenows.com helps you to manage.

 This routine can be easily made by adding some extra stairs to work in your routine or giving your dog some extra walk.

  • Cycling

Cycling culture is being promoted worldwide now a days. It is one of the pollution-free activity and is one of the health habits one possesses. 

It works effectively when it comes to losing leg, thigh, or hips fat. Moreover, your back stays lean and straight, and it avoids back issues. 

Cycling is not only fun seeking activity also help to reduce weight. Some cycle races and competitions with friends are not only a great form of a fun time, but you will simultaneously lose some extra pounds too. 

It was estimated that a 70-kg person could lose 260 Calories by cycling just for 30 minutes. Here you can see how important cycling is when it comes to losing weight. 

It lowers the risk of heart attack and diseases.

  • Swimming

Swimming is one of the ways to lose weight as it includes a high and constant movement of legs, arms, and stomach bones. 

The stretching and compressing of legs are, and stomach helps to burn body fat, thus results in losing body weight. 

Despite being an exercise, it is a great sport form that also counts as a life-saving skill for a person. Being into swimming activity gives you more than one benefit, which means that it is really beneficial for everybody who learns it.

By following this way you will be able to not only lose weight but also enjoy the skill, and this form of exercise is actually very helpful.

  • Sports 

Sports like football, cricket, or basketball that includes bodily movement are also considered as a form of exercise to lose weight.

These kinds of sports include jumping, running constant hand, and leg movement which helps in burning extra calories.

Moreover, these kinds of sports make people sweat that is a great sign of fat being burned. You can actually lose weight just while playing your favorite sports, and it is actually fun.

This way, you will not only get back to shape, but you will also stay active, and your stamina will stay up high.

  • Jogging

Daily morning jog is one of the signs of a healthy and fit person. Then how can it not be a reason for one losing weight?

Jogging plays an important part when it comes to losing weight as it includes hip, thigh, leg, arm, and back movements simultaneously.

Sweating while jogging is one of the key reasons for one losing his fats. Morning jog keeps you fit and active all day long. Not only this, your sleeping and eating cycle also gets improves, which also results in you losing weight.

  • Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is one of the ways to be only associated with mental health. But in reality, it also plays an important role in making you healthy and fit.

Yoga helps you to get fit and healthy and get over any kind of stress and anxiety that you have in your mind, thus works as a miracle worker. 

You won’t realize the time passing when you meditate. You feel relaxed, motivated, and boosted after yoga.

Giving yourself some ME-time is really important to keep yourself fit mentally and physically both.

  • Dancing

Among all the above dancing is one of the most fun and exciting form of exercise. Who can imagine losing weight just by dancing, but that’s true?

By dancing, we are referring to the bodily movement of one’s hands, arms, legs, and waist. 

This way, dancing helps a person to lose weight very effectively and quickly.  Turn on your favorite song and start to shake your body freely. Take care not to be too violent as it may cause any kind of bone injury or twist that actually hurts.

Move yourself as you want to. This way, you will eventually sweat, which is a signing of burning off weight, as mentioned above. 

  • Skipping Rope

Skipping rope is one of the exercises people do to increase their height, but research says that the mechanism it works on our body is actually different.

Skipping rope firstly helps a person to lose weight, and then when one gets to a fit body shape, it automatically starts to increase in height if one continues skipping even after coming to shape.

It was proven that those who ski [p rope not only see an increase in their height but also tend to lose weight. 


You might have never realized that losing weight can be fun too. But in reality, it is actually fun if you are determined. And once you find yourself fitting in a pair of jeans that were once tight is indeed a proud and charming moment for you.

Once you have gone through the above eight amazing and fun exercises to lose weight, which is useful, easy, and effective too.

So, why to go for tough diets, starving, and heavy and dangerous pills when you can lose weight, just dancing, playing, and walking.

Don’t torture yourself in any case. Just do what you enjoy and what benefits you because you are your first priority. 

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