Everything you need to know about women’s Sports Bras

Updated on July 30, 2021

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Would you ever go on skating without the skateboards? Or would you ever go on running with sleepers? Obviously, your answer will be no, yet many women still put their breasts at risk during physical activity?

It may surprise you, but many women who play sports don’t use a women’s sports bra. This bad habit leads to some problems, and not only from an aesthetic point of view. In this article, we will explain every important thing that you need to know about women’s sports bras.

How a sports bra is made

The sports bra should fit snugly against the body, supporting the breasts. Furthermore, it must exert a compression action in proportion to the intensity of the movement exercised. If you love sports, you can’t do without them. But be careful and choose the right one for yourself. It must not be too small or too large, but support any type of breast, even the most abundant one. The women’s sports bras must fit tightly to the body and do not restrict breathing.

Why is it essential to wear a sports bra? 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large breast. It makes no difference whether you practice a low-impact physical activity or an extreme sport. Any type of physical activity puts the breasts under a greater number of stresses than those of everyday life. The breast, while exercising undergoes movements, oscillations, rebounds, depending on the type of sports we practice and the intensity. There are no sports during which the breasts remain safe and immobile. Any uncontrolled stresses can lead to problems, the seriousness of which we underestimate or neglect. 

What happens to the breasts when exercising?

The breasts when doing sport undergoes microtraumas that compromise their health in the first place, but also their aesthetics. These microtraumas result in a stretching of Cooper’s ligaments, which are the fibrous shoots that bind the mammary gland to the skin. These injuries can cause pain in the breast and lead to damage to delicate tissues which can also lead to a sinking of the breast over time.

“Nothing has ever happened to me”, this is one of the answers I was given when I raised the question of sports and sports bra. It is really good if it has never happened to you. But it is good to educate yourself and others to play sports in total safety. As well as precisely, choose carefully the shoes to wear, number, model, cushioning, do the same for your women’s sports bra.

What changes between a women’s sports bra and a bra?

A classic bra, although it provides support that allows us to keep the breasts stable during the day, does not have technical elements capable of reducing the impacts and stresses that occur when we train. Good support for the breasts is essential to minimize bounces, oscillations, but women’s sports bra also provides excellent breathability for those who play sports.

Health benefits of wearing a women’s sports bra

Wearing a women’s sports bra will allow you to safeguard your health and that of your breast. A woman’s breasts are subject to constant stress during sports activities. Wearing a women’s sports bra will ensure that your workout is no longer a pain.

Health Benefits of wearing women’s sports bra:

No more painThe sports bra will help you prevent breast and back pain. The breast is made up largely of skin, without muscle, and is supported by ligaments. These ligaments are also the ones that give the breast its shape and connect the glandular to the fatty tissue, under the skin. Women’s sports bra is used to support the breasts and protect the back muscles.

Prevents sagging breasts

Women’s sports bra offers adequate support for the breasts. Some aerobic sports activities, such as running, if you do not use the right bra, are not only painful but also harmful to the ligaments, resulting in loss of tone and sagging breasts. A good sports bra reduces both vertical and horizontal movements. If you have large breasts, be careful to choose a sports bra with a wide underbust band and wide straps to offer you all the support you need.

No irritation

Women’s sports bras are made of breathable materials that dry quickly. This will guarantee you a constant dry feeling and, you will no longer suffer from annoying irritation due to sweat that accumulates during sports.

How to choose the right one

The first aspect to consider is the size. Many women are wearing bras, sports, and otherwise, of the wrong size.

So pay attention to the lower band, the one that supports the breast. It must be neither too high nor too slow. The hook must be positioned exactly in the center of the back.

The cup, on the other hand, must completely contain the breast, without folds or curls. The breasts must not come out during the execution of the various exercises. Finally, the straps must not slip or tighten, nor impede movement. It must not obstruct circulation. The ideal is to choose an adjustable sports bra, which you can tight or widen according to your needs.

Now that you know why to use a women’s sports bra, choose the right for sports!

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