Everything You Need to Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

Updated on January 10, 2023

Social Security Disability Insurance is a tax-funded federal program in the United States that aims to provide monthly benefits to disabled people, especially those restricted from employment. Most people overlook the importance of this insurance until it is too late.

Applying for Disability insurance takes a lot of time when done physically, so you should try the various online modes. A chronic health condition can prevent you from earning or working, putting you in financial distress. However, individuals who qualify for these benefits receive much-needed support.

Applying for this insurance is time-consuming, as the board requires detailed information for approval. This explains why you should not undertake this process alone but contact experts for the best results. 

Below we discuss everything you need to know about Social Security Disability Benefits. 

What are These Benefits?

Social Security Disability benefits provide tremendous benefits to workers who had their source of livelihood cut off by a mental or physical disability. These payments are made by the Social Security Administration, a federal office in the United States. 

To qualify for an SSD, one must acquire sufficient work credits, and their condition is featured in the provided categories. Remember, your condition must have lasted at least one year or expected to lead to death for you to be considered disabled.

You must also be eighteen years or above to qualify for an application. 

How to Apply for These Benefits

Various Social Security Disability attorneys can help you to apply for these benefits. However, there are other ways you can apply if you do not have a lawyer; they include:

  • Contacting the office during their operation hours
  • Visiting a social security office in person
  • Completing the application process online

What Information Is Required?

To qualify, applicants must provide the federal offices with detailed medical information, personal data, and employment information. It is advisable to seek help from an SSD lawyer to ensure the application is filled out correctly and has all the vital information. 

This application requires the following information:

  • Your birthday and location
  • Your SS number
  • The birthdates and names of your kids
  • Your spouse’s name and details

Applicants who want these funds to be credited into their bank accounts should hand out their banking information when applying. The SSA might ask for a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship before you become eligible for the benefits. 

Which Medical Information Will You Provide?

Applicants are required to provide detailed information about their data, including the following:

  • Treatment dates
  • Contact information 
  • Names of their medicine
  • Dates and types of all medical testing 

What Employment Information Should You Provide?

The SSA requires the following employment information from applicants:

  • How much they earn in the previous year
  • Their Social Security statements
  • A list of at least four jobs they have done
  • Contact information regarding their employers

The board might also ask for additional information, like military discharge papers.

Final Thoughts 

Social Security Disability Benefits are enjoyed by disabled people in the US and provide much-needed support to these individuals. The above article has discussed all you need to know about this insurance, and you can reach out for more. 

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