Everything you Need to Know about Cali Bar

Updated on August 1, 2020

 Do you want to enjoy a broad range of great flavors?  If so, the Cali bar could be the vape pen you have looking for. Cali bar is a tiny, handy and disposable vape pen. It is incredible in that it can provide vapers with over 300 puffs in a comprehensive range of pleasant flavors. They are about four inches long with 1.3ml vape juice. They come with a 280mAh battery. According to the producers, the Cali Bar vape pen is equal to one packet of cigarette. 

Surprising Information about Cali Bar

Cali Bars are produced by California Grown a prominent vape juice brand. Therefore, it is a disposable vape pen featuring top quality flavor options. The best part is that you can place your order online and have the vape pen delivered at your doorsteps. Note that the vape pen comes filled with juice. Also, it will be readily charged. All you have to do is unwrap the package then start vaping.

If all you want is a simple yet excellent vaping experience, Cali Bar will have you covered. It is easy to use not to mention that there is no refilling, no coils or pods to keep changing. You just have to vape and dispose of once it’s finished. However, be sure to dispose of safely to avoid littering the environment.

As earlier pointed out, it comes with a 280mAh battery with 1.3mL vape juice. So, you can choose from 20mg to 50 mg of nicotine strength. Cali Bar comes in different flavors including  

  • Honeycomb Berry ICE 
  • Mango Nectar ICE 
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon ICE 
  • Strawberry ICE 

What are the Features of Cali Bar Disposable Vape pens?

Cali Bars are quite prominent among vapours thanks to their attractive features and easy usability. For instance, they require zero maintenance since they are disposable. Even with little vaping know-how, you can use Cali Bars. 

This is because they come with no batteries. Hence, the vape pen gets activated automatically once you start inhaling. The Cali Bars have a slim yet compact design. As a result, they are not only easy to use, but they are highly portable. Besides, they have a non-refillable design. The device comes pre-filled with top quality nicotine e-liquid from giant producers (California Grown). 

Below are the features to expect 

  • Inbuilt battery 280mAh
  • 1.3ml E-Liquid Capacity
  • Has a disposable design 
  • Modern involuntary style 
  • Compact and ultra-weight lightweight design among others 

Why Use Cali Bars?


Conventional tobacco prices are very high in every country since tobacco products are heavily taxed. However, Electronic vaping tends to be more effective and less costly.

Wide range of exciting flavors

Cigarettes are only available in two flavors. But Cali Bars come in multiple flavors giving you a remarkable vaping experience.

Allows you to manage your nicotine intake 

It’s not clear on the amount of tobacco available in a single cigarette. However, with Cali Bars, you will be in a position to decide the amount of nicotine you are taking. With the device in question, you can consume 20mg to 50mg nicotine strength.

Free of a nasty smell

The good thing about vaping using Cali bars is that they do not produce any nasty smell, unlike conventional cigarettes. Be sure to order your Cali bars today for an exceptional gaming experience.

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