Essential Tools & Gears for Construction Work

Updated on August 26, 2023
Essential Tools & Gears for Construction Work

Whether you are a carpenter or contractor, there are some tools and pieces of gear that are absolutely essential. Aside from just construction applications, many of these tools can be used for common household projects.

In this article we will list some construction equipment and fall protection gear that will make your work get done more efficiently. With these tools you will save time, energy, and potentially even cut down on the number of people needed on a job. Today, it is also essential to ensure your construction company is 100% digitally COVID-19 compliant.

Not every tool on this list is necessary, but it is almost guaranteed that you will find them useful in your construction projects. 


A lifeline is a crucial element in fall protection systems. In unfortunate cases where a fall cannot be prevented, a life line can prevent serious injuries and damage to equipment. In the most extreme circumstances, a life line will live up to its name and prevent tragedy at the workplace. 

There are a few different styles of lifelines, with the simplest being a vertical lifeline. Horizontal Lifelines are designed to provide continuous protection to multiple climbers. 

Self Retracting Lifelines are another common setup. These lifeline systems are sometimes also called Self-Retracting lifelines and they will stop a fall immediately.


A jigsaw is another piece of gear that is extremely useful. This versatile tool can cut through a wide variety of materials, such as plastic, metal sheets, wood, and ceramic tiles. Most Jigsaws have a quick blade function that will allow you to switch blades efficiently and with ease.

Jigsaws serve a variety of functions, from creating straight cuts to curved lines. Many models include adjustable base plates that allow you to cut different types of materials. Jigsaws may seem intimidating if you haven’t used one, but they are actually some of the easier tools to use. 


A drill driver is a powerful tool that runs on batteries. They can be used for either screwdriving or drilling with a simple switch of a button. Generally drill drivers are two speed devices, with a lower speed for screwdriving and a higher speed for drilling. You can also select the degree of torque being applied on most drill drivers. This tool can be used on both plastic and wood.

Safety Straps

In addition to lifelines, Safety Straps are another essential piece of safety gear. Safety Straps prevent tools from falling, which can prevent injuries and damage to equipment. Breaking Safety Straps are especially useful for construction work done at higher elevations.

Safety Straps are available in elastic models that are extendible and connect equipment to the climber on a harness or at their wrist. During construction work, these straps are a cost-effective  way to tie your equipment securely. 

Table Saw

Table saws are often referred to as a workbench. These tools include a circular blade and are connected to an electric motor. Table saws can be used to cut smoother, straighter lines. They are popular for woodworkers due to their versatility and efficiency. These days cordless table saws are easy to find, which is bound to make your life easier.


If you think about it, it is pretty obvious how handy ladders can be on just about any construction job. Of course, they can also be used for painting and DIY projects around the house. If you want to reach something high without using rope, get yourself a ladder.


If you are thinking about getting involved in construction, pretty much every tool on this list is going to be needed at some point. You may want to start out picking up just a few pieces of gear but in the long run, you will probably find yourself filling up your tool box with all of these items at some point in your career. As always, we wish you luck and happy drilling!

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