Emsella Therapy: The Treatment For Incontinence


Emsella is a breakthrough treatment for incontinence, a condition where you lose your ability to hold urine. This condition affects over 19 million women in the US alone.

Fortunately, there have been breakthroughs in incontinence treatment, and the Emsella pelvic floor treatment has proven to work in treating this condition

Causes of Incontinence

Incontinence in women results from pelvic floor muscles that have been weakened. The pelvic floor weakening is an issue women often have during or after pregnancy. It may also weaken after reaching a particular age or due to hormone imbalances (such as during menopause).


The ability to manage the bladder and bowels is dependent on a healthy pelvic floor. Unfortunately, most victims fail to seek medical care because of shame, doubt, and fear of losing autonomy. But the truth is that the condition is normal and affects many other people. In fact, research indicates that roughly a quarter of women in the US suffer from pelvic floor issues. Emsella is a good option for treating this condition in a non-invasive manner.

What is Emsella and How Does it Help?

Emsella is a ground-breaking technology that transforms the intimate health and wellness market by offering a non-invasive solution to incontinence patients. The Emsella chair generates a high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) wave to induce supramaximal contractions in the pelvic floor muscles. Supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions are extremely important in muscle re-education of incontinent patients.

When undergoing Emsella pelvic floor in MA or any location, the chair will target weak pelvic floor muscles, stimulating them to improve bladder control. Some people may see a difference right away, while others may need a few sessions to recognize a difference. 

Research shows that 95% of people who are treated with Emsella experience an improved quality of life after completing six sessions.

Emsella Vs. Kegels

Emsella is proven to be way more powerful at strengthening the pelvic floor muscles than routine exercises you could conduct at home. Kegels cannot compete with this treatment option in producing results. Thousands of supramaximal contractions are administered throughout each Emsella treatment session. Thirty minutes in the Emsella chair is equivalent to 10,000 Kegels!

Other benefits of Boston Emsella include:

  • No recovery time needed
  • Reduces the need for invasive options such as surgery
  • Results in overall improved quality of life
  • Improved intimacy in both men and women

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