Empowering Women in Wellness: Liquivida® Redefining Healthcare and Entrepreneurship 

Updated on April 22, 2024

 Wellness franchises represent a promising avenue for both business success and positive societal impact. In Liquivida®, women are leading the charge, breaking barriers, thriving in high-level positions and contributing to the company’s success. While the Corporate office isn’t quite Barbie World, many key managerial roles are occupied by women, including the CFO and the VP of Operations.  Liquivida® is committed to further empowering women through franchising. Many franchise locations are proudly owned by women and led by nurse practitioners (a field dominated by women), demonstrating the essential role of women in influencing and propelling the company’s expansion.

Lily Yoo’s Asian American cultural background instilled a belief of home remedies, natural herbal medicine, acupuncture and alternative approaches to wellness. After earning her MBA at the University of Maryland, she worked in healthcare pharmaceuticals for 5 years prior to opening her first IV Therapy Lounge. Starting out as a simple concept using Liquivida custom IV Kits, Yoo was proud to bring IV Therapy to her surroundings in the NY/NJ area. “After I met the founder of Liquivida and learned more about the franchise, it all made so much sense, with their great model and products,” she says. Now, six years later, Yoo is pleased to see her Ridgewood, NJ storefront grown into a full-service wellness franchise.

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Angela Campbell joined the Liquivida family because the franchise’s comprehensive approach to health and wellness aligned with her vision of empowering individuals to embrace their best selves. The driving force behind Liquivida® Naples, Angela’s motivation for entering the wellness space was more about making a difference than it was about making money.  “I know what it’s like to struggle with low self-confidence and self-worth, and having overcome those challenges, I want better, not only for myself, but for others,” she says. Her career as a CPA, working for 20 years at a large firm and a global pharmaceutical company, prepared her for owning her own business, but teaming up with Liquivida gives her the opportunity she was searching for. For Angela, Liquivida® provides a platform for personal development, as well as professional. “I am able to give forth my full effort, as a business owner, a mother and member of the Southwest Florida community. This is all possible when you prioritize personal health and wellness,” she states. Her ultimate goal is to see her entire SWFL community actively involved in their own health, engaging in preventative practices and prioritizing their health and overall well-being.


A Liquivida® franchise owner with sites in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Middletown, NJ, and Marlboro, NJ, Christine Ruggiero’s transition from nurse to Liquivida® affiliate is more than a business endeavor. It’s a calling, and demonstrates her love of preventative, regenerative and anti-aging therapies. She says the proudest moment of her life came when she realized she could do much more than work in a hospital. “Women are so multifaceted and wear many hats. Sometimes fear does not allow us growth or failure scares us, but if we do not try, we can never know,” she adds. Drawing from her diverse nursing background, Christine personalizes each client’s journey with care and empathy, and is inspired by the people who walk through the doors of her locations to embark on their wellness journey. She selected Liquivida® over other wellness franchises because the focus on development and support enables franchisees to accomplish objectives and preserve a work-life balance. “It felt like becoming part of a welcoming family.” 


With a wealth of international healthcare experience, Rebecca Kelly channels her passion for wellness into her Liquivida® franchise in Princeton, NJ. Inspired by purpose and providing value, Liquivida® was an excellent match in helping to achieve her goal of assisting others with their overall health and confidence and Liquivida®’s commitment to customer-centric care aligns perfectly with her emphasis on providing exceptional experiences. “Whether someone steps into my home or my business, I want them to feel heard, valued, taken care of and special,” she says. As Liquivida® Princeton marks its first anniversary, Rebecca aspires to broaden its offerings to include mobile IV hydration to further support the wellness needs of her Princeton Junction community.

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For nearly a decade, Arti Patel performed ultrasounds of the heart and vascular system on patients. Pausing her career to be a stay-at-home mom, Arti’s husband frequently traveled for work and was introduced to the benefits IV therapy while on a trip and raved about its benefits. Once the kids were in school full time, the couple decided to open an IV business, but when they came across Liquivida, they realized they could do so much more. “Liquivida really offers a bit of everything, from preventive therapies to medical aesthetics, to help people feel and look their best,” she says. For the Patels, it made sense to go the path that would lead to helping as many people as possible.

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Dr. Micole Neely’s journey from emergency medicine to proactive healthcare exemplifies the transformative potential of Liquivida®’s approach. With an MD, MBA, and 15 years of ER experience, Micole left the world of reactive medicine and embraced Liquivida’s commitment to proactive health which deeply resonated with her mission of guiding individuals towards optimal well-being. Through her Liquivida location in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr. Neely feels empowered to effect meaningful change and inspire healthier lifestyles.  Despite facing challenges as a single mother and entrepreneur, resilience and adaptability fuel her journey, which she describes as “a mosaic of trials, humbling moments, and instances of deep fulfillment and satisfaction. It’s not the challenges that define us, but rather how we respond to them,” she says


These women are the epitome of resilience, empowerment, and the spirit of enterprise. Through their stores and their stories, they illustrate Liquivida® as not just a business, but a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. By offering real chances for professional advancement and personal growth, Liquivida creates an atmosphere in which women may lead, flourish, and meaningfully impact the well-being of the communities they serve 

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