Electrolyte Powders for Severe Hydration

Updated on March 2, 2022

Are you looking for the greatest drink to help you stay hydrated? 

When it comes to replenishing your body with water and electrolytes, it turns out you have a lot of options. 

There are many electrolyte powders that will help you feel better, whether you’re seeking post-workout replenishment or attempting to keep your body hydrated after an attack of the stomach bug.

But, how do you choose the right one for your body?

Stay tuned with us, and we will get you there.

Symptoms Of Dehydration

Are you unsure whether or not you’re dehydrated? 

These are the telltale signs of dehydration, in addition to feeling extremely thirsty:

  • Dizziness.
  • Headache.
  • Fatigue.
  • Irritability due to dry mouth.
  • Constipation.
  • Urine with a dark hue and dry skin.

Best Electrolyte Powders For Severe Hydration

Electrolyte powders are useful for curing severe dehydration, and they work faster than regular water. But, not all electrolyte powders do the right job, so you must take a look at our list and find out which powders are the best ones. 

1: Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink Mix

This powder is light but incredibly pleasant and refreshing. It tastes like electrolytes only because no odd flavors or artificial sugar are added to it. 

With just a few shakes of a Nalgene, it dissolved quickly and never separated or sunk to the bottom of our water bottles.

Vitalyte feels like one of the most hydrating mixtures during excessive hydration. 

2: Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Drink Mix

Skratch Labs Hydration Drink Mix comes in second place. This electrolyte powder has a similar refreshing taste, but it’s a little sweeter.

The actual sugar and the fact that there is no artificial sweetness or phony flavor appealed to our taste testers. In addition, it featured an excellent combination of sweet and salty flavors.

When you account for the differences in scoop size, this combination has nearly the same amount of sugars as our Top Pick. In addition, we enjoyed how high in salt it is, making it a better choice for long days on the trail or sweating it out in great heat.

3: Ultima Replenisher Mix

Ultima had mixed reviews, but we all agreed on one thing: it was the sweetest of the bunch.

Ultima electrolyte powder has a distinct aftertaste and flavor of false sugar. 

It can hydrate your body as much as our top two powders, but the aftertaste can make you crave some water to wash it down if you don’t have a sweet tooth. 

Although the powder tends to clump together, it quickly settles to the bottom of your water bottles if you let the powder sit for a few minutes.

4: Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier

We found the Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier to be one of the most refreshing and hydrating electrolyte powders on the list. 

Unfortunately, each packet also contains a lot of salt. So, if you gulp it, it will taste sweet and salty and has a beautiful balance of salty, sweet, and sour flavors.

We also enjoyed that this blend didn’t include any artificial flavors.

Overall, it’s a tasty and hydrating alternative ideal for anyone who needs to replace a lot of salt lost during long days of strenuous physical activity.

5: Gatorade Endurance Formula Powder

The Gatorade Endurance Formula Powder is also a good brand when choosing the best electrolyte powder for curing hydration. 

It isn’t overly sweet, but it has an artificial flavor. 

While it isn’t refreshing as some of our other powders, it has a light flavor that went down smoothly and left us ready to go.

What to Avoid When You’re Dehydrated

If you take these electrolyte powders, mix them with water, and drink them, they will instantly make you feel hydrated. 

On the other hand, some drinks can genuinely dehydrate you, such as caffeinated or alcoholic beverages. 

No matter how appealing coffee, tea, or soda may appear, avoid them. 

When it comes to alcoholic drinks, bear in mind that the higher the alcohol content, the more dehydrating the drink—which is why you should always drink water with your cocktail!

Get Hydrated!!!

Electrolyte powders are the best cures for dehydration problems. 

However, we have made you a list of the best electrolyte powders in the market that can help you make an informed decision of which drink to choose.

For further questions, let us know in the comment box below.

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