Effective Treatments for Managing Pain and Improving Patient Quality of Life

Updated on March 31, 2017

For more than 12 years, Regenerative and Performance Specialists (RAPS) has been providing personalized, effective treatments for managing pain and improving patient quality of life. Founded in 2004 by Dr. Paul Lieber and Dr. Marc Adelsheimer, RAPS is dedicated to fostering an environment of compassion and care designed for treatment and individualized pain management.

Studies have shown that diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many other health problems and diseases can be prevented by losing excess weight. RAPS recognized a gap in the market and launched their new Medical Fitness program to help patients treat the root cause of their pain by educating them on how to manage healthy amounts of exercise and proper nutrition.

RAPS found that patients were not receiving appropriate guidance in terms of exercise regimens and nutritional plans and recognized the need to develop a medically guided program that takes patients beyond just the treatment of pain. RAPS understood the expansion was not only beneficial but necessary to optimizing their patients’ overall health.

RAPS Medical Fitness offers one-on-one attention with a personal trainer, functional movement screening, nutritional guidance and support groups, gym access, studio fitness classes and many other resources.  With this medical fitness model, an integrated experience is designed to get patients the results they need and want in the quickest and safest way possible. Whether a patient is trying to lose weight or an athlete is looking to optimize performance, RAPS Med Fit helps patients achieve their goals and become fit and healthy.

Dr. Sally serves as the leading physician for RAPS’ Medical Fitness program and treats patients regularly at the RAPS Fox Chapel office in Pittsburgh.

“The expansion to offer the Medical Fitness program has assisted in the enhancement of our outcomes with other interventional treatments that were being used to treat pain, explains Dr. Sally. “With results from the Medical Fitness, many treatments including use of long-term narcotics and other chronic medications can possibly be avoided.”

Rather than refer patients to a separate nutritionist and trainer, RAPS knew they needed to enlist a fitness expert to round out their team. Certified Trainer Anthony Sylvester is a medical fitness expert and an experienced nutritional guide who works alongside Dr. Sally to provide patients a comprehensive program to follow.

“Anthony specializes in strength and conditioning that will not only help patients with improving their exercise regimens, but will analyze baseline functional movement, making for better, life-changing and long-lasting results,” says Dr. Sally.  “We were strategic in finding Anthony to team up with us for his experience in nutritional guidance, which helps to optimize patient outcomes by combining the strengthening element with appropriate dietary management.” 

In addition to building this team of qualified medical and fitness experts to guide patients toward success, RAPS has also enlisted partners for the Medical Fitness program through grass roots marketing that included speaking to local grocery stores and other like-minded companies. RAPS has additionally enlisted the help of other businesses to provide patients with discounts on vitamins, exercise equipment and other supplemental fitness products that can help patients to effectively reach their goals.

The program is designed to approach health and wellness by using a well-rounded, achievable method. Medically guiding patients treats overall functional health while promoting positive, life-changing results. Patients acquire lifelong skills in exercise and nutrition that are necessary to losing weight and lowering the risk of life-threatening health issues and diminishes the need for invasive procedures and daily medication.

“The ideal candidate is a patient who is seeking a more functional lifestyle,” says Dr. Sally. “RAPS believes that pain is individual and that its treatment should be as well.  The technology utilized at RAPS will clearly identify areas of concern that are specific to each patient, so we can then customize a plan to correct and prevent medical issues to promote the healthiest lifestyle possible.”

Dr. Sally is a native of Pittsburgh, experienced in treating both acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues.  Dr. Sally brings a new specialty to RAPS with treatment for sports injuries and sports medicine. He holds board certification in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, along with additional certification in Sports Medicine.  His expertise includes sports and spine medicine, diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, ultrasound-guided procedures, platelet-rich plasma injections, prolotherapy, fluoroscopically-guided spine procedures, electro diagnostic medicine, exercise prescription and wellness management.  Dr. Sally offers treatment plans to optimize physical function, as well as coaching to promote a healthier lifestyle with nutrition and wellness counseling.

Through the RAPS Medical Fitness program Dr. Jesse Sally, Anthony Sylvester and the entire RAPS Medical Fitness team are committed to lifelong patient support in achieving optimal health, reducing pain and maintaining the highest quality of life for their patients.

For more information about RAPS and the newly expanded Medical Fitness Program, visit rapsmd.com.

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