Effective Meetings Through Note-Taking

Updated on November 30, 2021

Many have looked down on note-taking tasks. If you’ve noticed how many small-to-medium-sized businesses fail to deliver, you’ll be surprised to learn that one of the pitfalls was ineffective meetings.It is actually quite sensible to look at this phenomenon. When people lose so many things in a meeting, they will also lose a lot of opportunities to improve and grow.

It is because many people still see note-taking as an administrative task. On the contrary, it requires skill and critical thinking. Let’s admit it. We are not perfect.

We cannot attend the meeting and write at the same time.If we keep writing, we might lose interaction with our meeting mates. But if we neglect the note-taking, we will also have difficulty reviewing the action points. Here is where the meeting note taker software comes in.

There are dozens of note-taking software or apps out there. But we are using Notiv for this post’s purpose.

Notiv is an AI-backed transcription and note-taking software. When you activate it, it will record and transcribe everything in your meeting session. You will have records of it at the end, ensuring that you will not have any difficulties reviewing your meeting.

Here are some of the benefits of using Notiv software for effective meeting note-taking.

Keep you and your team on the right track.

In every important meeting, you will want to capture all of the information with great accuracy and constancy. With this good gesture, you can lead the meeting towards clear objectives.

With the automatic transcription service from Notiv software, you won’t need to worry if your group is circling around a decision.

Let’s say that at the end of the meeting, you and your team need to make a specific decision. But then, it is easy to get lost because there are some points that the mates are missing. Here is where Notiv comes to help you.

You can always view the reports. Search for the particular missing points in the result of the transcription using the right keyword. It will take a really short time to show you the result.

By showing them the right isolated information, you have advanced the collaboration to a more positive point. It will lead to the actual decision-making activity. Although there is no agreement, you can at least let the meeting team members come to a clear conclusion. The accuracy of the information you can take from the Notiv report will keep you and your team members on the same page.

Find out the next steps.

In the note-taking activity, one will need to be proactive and request particular information from the team members. But when using the Notiv app, the tool will capture the necessary information for you. You won’t need to worry about who’s going to be responsible for specific tasks and which date. The recording results also come with the action items along with information about the speaker. All in all, Notiv has already captured the important points for you. What to do next is to proceed according to the action items.

Making sure your team members are on the same page

The Notiv note-taking app will automatically create the alignment within the team members.

Then you and your team members will be helped a lot by the accurately written records of the meeting conversation. At the end of the meeting, it won’t take a long time until you attain the recap of the decisions and the next steps that you’ve recorded.

You can isolate specific information and share the piece with the right recipients. With such accurate results, it will be easier to get everyone on the same page. The notes that you can grab from Notiv also provide you with a written record for the future.

You can always revisit and re-review them to troubleshoot the problems that might be happening in the future.

Listening and capturing the important conversation can be a game-changer in your project. Notiv makes sure that you don’t miss a single important point uttered in the meeting. Therefore, you don’t have to discuss the same things over and over again in the next meeting.

As you retrieve the information through the Notiv app, it is very easy to determine the follow-up items for the future. You can even go back to the initial agenda items.

Although the team decides to come up with a new topic, you don’t need to worry since Notiv will record all of the conversations.

Keeping everyone informed

The effective note-taking experience with Notiv can help you and your team members stay informed about the outcomes of the meeting. There’s a chance that some members will not make it to the meeting. Those who are not attending the meeting could also get the information so that they will stay updated with the most recent information. It is also a great solution for those who come late to the meeting. The record file from Notiv is accessible to let them review the meeting. You can also revisit the recording and transcription results anytime you need them.

Summarizing the key messages

Some experts suggest we summarize the message, not the words. It is always challenging to keep taking notes from word to word. Let’s consider that each person has their own point of view and perspectives. Sometimes, summarizing the key messages through your personal point of view is less effective since there’s a chance that other team members are expecting different things.

You will need the assistance from Notiv since it will be your objective compass. The Notiv app will definitely take the bullet notes, write full sentences, and record every word. But then, it also provides you with the important summaries and points.

All in all, it can simply take the helmet of a note taker from you. You can rest assured that everything will be captured in the meeting so that you won’t miss a single key message from your meeting session.

Be prepared for awesomeness. Reach out to Notiv’s official page right now to reserve your opportunities.

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