Dramatic increase in Private PCR COVID-19 home detection kits sold in the UK

Updated on November 15, 2020
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By Dr. Chun Tang 

With coronavirus cases increasing daily, and demand being placed on the NHS’s test and trace system, there has been a rise in privately bought PCR COVID-19 home detection tests. One private healthcare company situated in the North West of England has seen a whopping 184% increase in kits sold between August and mid september. It has been thought that the growing problem of getting an appointment, and getting quick turnarounds in test results, are just two reasons why private home detection kits are proving so popular. 

Read on to find out why private PCR home detection kits are on the rise and how everyone can test their knowledge about coronavirus, to help them become more aware about the virus that is impacting our daily lives more than we could ever have imagined. 

Private PCR COVID-19 Home Detection Tests

Private PCR COVID-19 Home Detection Tests are tests bought from a private healthcare providers website or via phone ordering that allows businesses and individuals to get tested. If based in the UK, you might be familiar with the COVID-19 testing labs – Lighthouse Labs. As Lighthouse Labs is the UK’s NHS test and tracing facility, it is important to note that gaining a private COVID-19 detection test is separate from the NHS, and private tests go through separate labs, that doesn’t interfere with the current NHS testing centre. 

As an alternative to drive through testing, private PCR home-detection tests have seen a considerable increase over the past few months. As the UK’s population is told to self isolate until you get a negative test result returned, the urgency to receive test results as soon as possible is really important. 

At Pall Mall Medical, Private Healthcare providers based in the Manchester/Liverpool region, they have seen a massive uplift in kits sold over their e-commerce platform, with many home detection tests being delivered all over the UK, and not just in the North. 

Key statistics and reasons for an increase in coronavirus home tests

As you can only get tested if displaying symptoms in the UK, there are many reasons as to why we are witnessing an uplift in private PCR COVID-19 home detection tests. For one private healthcare provider, Pall Mall Medical, they have seen  month-on-month increases in tests sold online. For example, comparing July to August, there has been a 42% increase in home detection tests sold, with August being the biggest month yet for sales. However, delving deeper, we’ve seen a whopping 2381% increase in kits sold from June to mid september! 

With the UK government introducing a new lockdown tier system, and more and more cases are being recorded everyday, some of the top motivations for people to venture outside the NHS and opt for private  home testing kits include:

  • Travelling abroad for work/pleasure 
  • Relocating for University 
  • Urgency of result

As this virus spreads rapidly, and as of 6th October 2020, in excess of 800 students at The University of Manchester has tested positive for Coronavirus. Many cities across the UK are seeing cases rising all the time. It is important for us to educate ourselves about the virus fully to help ourselves and our loved ones remain protected. 

COVID-19 Quiz to test your virus knowledge

As this virus still remains relatively unknown, and infection rates are peaking, understanding more about the virus and how we can prevent the spread further is so important. As pubs, restaurants and other hospitality settings have had to now close again, gaining control of the virus is more important than ever. So why not check out this quiz to check out your COVID-19 knowledge

Dr Chun Tang, a doctor at Pall Mall medical has also released the following statement: 

“As coronavirus continues to spread throughout the globe, and the potential of a second lockdown looms in the UK, it’s more important than ever that we educate ourselves about the disease. This includes its symptoms, complications and how it’s transmitted so that we can better protect ourselves and others from the spread.”

Whether you are still working from home or you are in your place of work, understanding the vital facts about how COVID-19 can help you protect yourself and others around you. As many still do not fully understand this virus, find out more today. 

Dr Chun Tang is a UK Private GP and has appeared in Healthline, Daily Mail and other publications. 

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