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Domestic Violence – The Most Common Injuries That Women Report

The growing prevalence of domestic violence across the globe is a significant concern for women, who are often on the suffering end. Also known as intimate partner violence, such acts occur between people in intimate relationships like marriage and live-in. Violence can take different forms, from physical injuries to emotional trauma and sexual abuse. At times, victims bear abuse even without being aware, and they realize the seriousness of the situation only when they are shattered physically and emotionally. It becomes vital to recognize and report domestic violence early so that you can get out of the trauma. There are some common injuries that victims often report, which also make domestic violence cases recognizable. 


Abusers often use sharp household objects such as knives, scissors, and even broken glass to attack the victim. A large segment of women who suffer from domestic violence come with lacerations that require immediate treatment. These are long visible cuts, mostly inflicted on the extremities and covered body parts, as the attacker wants to conceal them intentionally. 

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Broken bones

Broken bones or fractures are prevalent among women reporting violence influenced by intimate partners. Fractures may happen due to various reasons, such as punching and hitting, pushing into objects or to the ground, suffering a fall, or hitting with heavy objects. In extreme cases, the victim may have painful and debilitating multiple fractures that even result in loss of mobility. 

Facial trauma

A woman’s face is an easy target for abusive men who want to scar them for a lifetime. Facial trauma is common as abusers hit the victim’s face with fists, feet, and heavy objects. A woman should make sure that her partner is charged with domestic violence because facial scars are more than physical. They cause emotional pain, as well. Some serious cases go beyond bruises and lacerations, as victims end up with fractures to maxillofacial areas and broken teeth. 


Domestic violence victims report visible handprints that come from being slapped or held captive by the abuser. These are seen on the face and extremities, where the abusing partner is most likely to hit or hold them harshly. Strangulation marks around the neck are also a common occurrence as abusers try to strangulate them to scare them, prevent them from speaking, or even stopping their breath.

Traumatic Brain Injury 

A more critical form of injury in domestic violence cases is Traumatic Brain Injury. Extremely violent partners are likely to get into fits of rage and inflict serious injuries to the head area, which can lead to a TBI. The worst thing about TBI is that it can lead to disability or even death. Treatment is often expensive, and the physical and emotional effects often stay for a lifetime. 

Apart from these visible injuries, victims are often hurt sexually as well. Some report sexually transmitted diseases and even miscarriages. The emotional trauma of domestic violence is also as serious as physical injuries. For victims, it is vital to get help as soon as possible. Help is at hand, and you only have to raise a voice! 

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