Does Virtue Map Program Really Help With Anti-Procrastination?


If procrastination is the reason you are not able to achieve your goals in life, then you are not alone. The habit of procrastination can not just keep you from meeting deadlines and your targets, but also cause guilt, and stress leading to the loss of productivity and good opportunities. 

If you know procrastination is at the root of your failure to achieve success and have tried to get rid of the habit without any results, it’s most likely that you never tried to analyze why exactly you procrastinate. 

And this is where the Virtue Map program could help you! 

What Is Virtue Map?

Virtue Map is an advanced health and wellness company that specializes in creating a customized anti-procrastination program for each person based on his or her own habits, thoughts, actions, and reasons for procrastination.

Virtue Map uses principles of behavioral science to help you make a lasting change in your thought processes, and actions through a customized plan. The program is designed to help you avoid procrastination so that you are able to complete your tasks on time and do not lose out on any opportunities. 

This will help you achieve success in academics, career, and your personal life!

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Who Is Virtue Map Suitable For?

Virtue Map is meant for all those who have realized how their habit of procrastinating has been affecting their life. It is suitable for you if you are experiencing the following issues:

·         Worse academic performance: If procrastination is affecting your exam scores, leading to increased course failures, worse grades, course withdrawals, and the likelihood of dropping out, it’s time you try the Virtue Map program to overcome this habit and put your academic potential back on the right track.

·         Worse financial or employment status: Virtue Map will help you avoid procrastination and its consequences related to your financial and employment issues, like earning a lower salary, having a shorter duration of employment, and a higher chance of being under-employed or unemployed.

·         Interpersonal relationship issues: Virtue Map program will help you avoid issues related to your interpersonal relationships that could be traced back to your habit of procrastinating. For example, procrastination may cause issues in relationships with friends, if you always show up late for events or with your spouse if you postpone taking care of your household chores too often.

·         Reduced wellbeing: It is best to not wait until your habit of procrastinating starts having an adverse impact on your health and wellbeing. It may affect your physical and emotional health by causing various negative emotions, like guilt, shame, sadness, and frustration.

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What Can You Expect To Achieve By Virtue Map Anti-Procrastination Program?

·         Achieve your goals at the workplace, school, or home

·         Increase your self-esteem

·         Tap into more of your skills and potential

·         Improve your self-control

·         Avoid missing opportunities

·         Show trustworthiness

·         Prevent problems from amplifying

·         Avoid guilt and regret

Your habit of procrastination is stealing your valuable time, your potential, your opportunities, your goals, and ultimately your life. Virtue Map can make the journey towards overcoming these issues a more fulfilling and worthy one.


The current promotion gives you the following options:

·         You can choose a monthly subscription of Virtue Map that will be billed to you every month for the 3-month program ($19.99 a month, $0.71 / day).

·         You can choose a one-time payment option for the three-month Virtue Map program subscription. ($39.99 one-time payment, $0.48 / day).

Virtue Map Promotions And Discounts

You can avail 50% or 25% discount on your customized Virtue Map plan (depending on your payment option) at the moment. You can sign up for Virtue Map today to avail the discount and embark on a journey toward a more confident, and fulfilling life.

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