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Do sex dolls have any health benefits or are they unhealthy?


Adult toys are not a taboo topic anymore; more and more people openly admit that they have and use them. There is nothing to be ashamed of here, as sexual activity is proven to be healthy for the human body. It is one of the people’s natural urges along with hunger, thirst, and the need for sleep. It is simple biology, so it is not surprising that we look for alternatives to sexual intercourse. We need to release that tension in some way, and not everyone has a partner. So you know that it is fun to use sex toys and dolls, but the question is, is it healthy? 

Let’s talk about whether sex dolls have any health benefits or not. 

What do you really buy?

The market for sex gadgets is enormous, and the sex tech products alone are worth 30 billion dollars. It seems like sex dolls are the future of this industry, and they are continually being developed to mirror the human body and reactions. Producers offer products ranging from sexbots to custom sex dolls infused with artificial intelligence that sell for thousands of dollars, and the demand is growing. What you really buy here is the modern simulation of the sex act with a company of a mannequin. Today’s sex dolls are packed with technology, including voice recognition, limited mobile functions, and a dash of eye-tracking. The level of sophistication when it comes to sex dolls is unreal. The price range of sexbots is also impressive; they range anywhere from 1500$ to 15000$, depending on the features included in the package. 

The impact of sex dolls

First of all, you need to know that there is not much research done on the topic of sex dolls use. These kinds of products are relatively new, and their impact on health is relatively unknown. However, the research that we have suggests that high-quality sex dolls may add to our health. The industry focuses on four main potential health benefits of sex dolls usage. They are: 

  • The promotion of safe sex and help with cutting back on sex trafficking, sex work, and sex tourism. 
  • The potential of using sex dolls as a part of therapy for different kinds of sex offenders, including pedophiles.
  • The increase in the user’s knowledge and sexual expertise, as well as providing care to sex-related problems like libido irregularity, loneliness, and erectile dysfunction. 
  • Lowering the rate of rapes and every other form of non-consensual sex, as sexbots may help discourage users from acting on an urge.  

These are all claims that are highly possible, but not yet explored in the world of research. To be sure, we all have to wait for the results of the scientist’s work. 

Are sex dolls safe? 

The answer to that question is yes and no. It all depends on the materials used during production. You might want to avoid the cheapest versions of sex dolls available on the market, as their producers might be tempted by inexpensive and possibly harmful materials out there. You should be aware that, in general, the sex industry is very well regulated. That means that most of the sex dolls are perfectly safe to use, but the exceptions do happen. To make sure you purchase a safe product, check if other clients trust the producer you consider. Also, sexbots because of the technology inside them come in with a warranty, check twice if it is included. Most importantly, read through customer reviews on the dolls you are interested in, people with opinions are worth looking into.   


Hygiene is one of the essential safety measures when it comes to using sexbots. They need to be cleaned regularly, just like every other sex gadgets. Fortunately, producers acknowledged that their products have to be able to be washed, and some parts of the dolls are even dishwasher-proof. Proper hygiene is essential while using sex dolls, and if you are a user, you should make it your priority. 

Will we stop socializing? 

The biggest concern when it comes to sex dolls is that they will discourage people form socializing. Let’s be honest; sex is a massive reason for meeting new people, engaging in relationships, and many other social interactions. Another threat of popularizing sexbots is that women will be expected to be ready for sex at all times, as well as promote unnatural and unachievable expectations of beauty. However, once again, these claims are not confirmed as of yet. 

Sex dolls are getting more and more popular, and the researchers need to keep up. We don’t need speculations, and real answers are in demand. For now, it seems that sexbots are not unhealthy to use, and this is a good sign for the future. However, the healthiest option available still is the traditional, always in fashion, sexual intercourse. Experiment as you wish, and most importantly, have fun.  

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