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Updated on March 15, 2019

You might have come across the term; however, you do not know what it means. In order to understand the term “nootropic” or drugs that enhance your brain power, you first must understand its definition. 

What is the definition of nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements, substances and cognitive enhancers that make your motivation, memory, creativity and focus better. Individuals use them for improving their brain power and total cognitive performance.

The term nootropics was first coined in the year 1972 by Corneliu E. Giurgea- a chemist and psychologist from Romania. The word is derived from the Greek word νοῦς (nous) that means mind and τρέπειν (trepein) that means to turn or bend. The use of nootropics has been extremely popular since 2015, and with each passing day, its popularity is increasing accordingly to data released by credible scientific sources in and around the world. Now, the question that comes to your mind is obvious- what makes nootropics such a fascinating topic?  

The popularity of nootropics? 

The following are some of the top-most reasons as to why nootropics are popular today-

  • Nootropics widely available in the market are 100% safe, and they have no side-effects
  • You can get that extra performance push with nootropics 
  • Specific nootropics leave long-term effects on your brand that is positive in nature.

Nootropics are able to bring in changes in the brain that result in enhanced performance. You can combine nootropics with regular exercise, sufficient sleep, healthy balanced diet, reduced blue light from computers before sleeping, meditation and breathing practice in daily life and see the amazing influence it has on your life. 

Who uses nootropics? 

People from all walks of society and backgrounds are using nootropics. You will find people like CEOs, students, top performing athletes, managers and individuals that want to lead a fulfilled and healthy lifestyle are using nootropics in their daily life. 

Note that nootropics are not magical pills that instantly do wonders to your intelligence or IQ. The process is a gradual one and not an instant remedy to improve your intelligence all of a sudden. They are not an alternative for healthy eating habits, and they are not sweets to eat anytime you like.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that nootropics are able to enhance brain function. However, there are certain doubts in mind regarding dosage, duration, benefits, etc. that arise in mind. Experts in the field are attempting to research further to answer these questions, and they have provided some general insights into nootropics when you take them in your daily life – read on to know more!

So, what are the benefits of nootropics? 

As mentioned above, most nootropics available in the market are not instant quick fixes. However, there are some exceptions to the above rule. They can be used with your diet and exercise in daily life so that you enjoy long term benefits in the future. In fact, using nootropics will give you dramatic benefits in life. 

The following are the key advantages of nootropics and the use of nootropics stacks- 

  1. Improve motivation and productivity – if you are seeking for an energy boost and wish to stay focused for many hours, embracing nootropics in your daily life is a smart choice. In fact, taking nootropics can be beneficial for you in the following ways- 
  • Short durations of intense work – There are times when you are stuck with a tight schedule and deadline. You are left with no brain power, and the task seems challenging and daunting. You just cannot complete the tasks on end no matter how much you try. This is where certain nootropics like caffeine come in handy. These nootropics help you to manage the task as it boosts your cognitive abilities. It helps you take over the stress and enables you to focus on the task better. Caffeine works in the field of public speaking, management presentations, examinations, etc.  
  • Productive work for a very long duration – There are times when you are working on a task for long hours and are already in the flow of things. However, this flow often leads to hours and hours at your desk. You need to be concentrated so that the work is done effectively and you do not burn out. This is where certain nootropics step in to help you. They ensure that you remain in the flow of things without losing energy at all. 
  1. Memory and focus – Is your memory good? Can you remember places, dates, numbers, and names? Have you tested your memory for other advanced things like chemistry and algebra formulas? Well, the truth is not every one of born a genius and most people have an average memory. Experts from, an esteemed website in the subject say several nootropic stacks help people with their short-term and long-term memory. There are products like Alpha GPC and choline that are used for the improvement of memory and focus. These nootropics are used for the treatment of memory impairments. The biggest benefits of nootropics are most of them are 100% natural, and they have little or no side effects.  
  1. Enhance well-being and mood – Do you like drinking coffee? If yes, how do you feel after drinking a cup of hot coffee? Do you feel good, optimistic, motivated or energized? Do you feel the same with green tea as well? Most people will say yes to the above questions unless of course, they are not very special. The reason for the above is because coffee and green tea contains caffeine and L-theanine. Both of them are nootropics popular in the market. Both of them improve memory and well-being. Both these nootropics are very popular, and people across the world widely consume them. They improve your well-being and mood to help you focus better. Once you understand the science behind nootropics and consume them correctly, you effectively are able to improve the quality of your life and perform better.
  1. Improves your sleep – Sleep is very important to health and thanks to the presence of nootropics you are able to improve the quality of your sleep with success. Most people struggle with insomnia, and they cannot find ways to sleep naturally. It is here that nootropics like magnesium, Gaba, and melatonin help them. These nootropics help you to relax and fall asleep faster. The sleep cycle becomes deeper promoting good health. Those people that sleep well also report to have lesser nightmares and shorter cycles of sleep. They have a lot of energy in the morning. If you are a calm person and sleep well, experts say you should not use nootropics to sleep better. There are again some people who suffer from worries and anxiety. They can take nootropics to sleep better and reduce the levels of anxiety in daily life. 
  1. Improve the health of your brain – several people love to spend hours and hours at the gym training for a better physical body. However, these people forget about the health of their brain. Every individual should attach importance to both mental and physical health. Due to the toxicity of good, stressful situations, bad environment, etc., the brain is dying faster. There are nootropic stacks that support the health of your brain. They are available in the market and provide your brain with the support it needs for a good life.

How should you consume nootropics?

It is evident that you now know the benefits of nootropics. However, how much should you take? What happens if you take an overdose? These are just some of the questions that arise in the mind when you are about to get started with nootropics. 

When it comes to the consumption of nootropics, you should be aware of its dose and frequency of consumption. Experts in the field suggest that if you really wish to enhance your brain power and performance abilities in daily life, they suggest you take them in a cycle or periodically. You can take them for five days in a week with two days off, or you have the option to take them for three weeks with one week off.

Do not get into an overdose of nootropics

It is crucial for you to be careful of an overdose. You should be aware of the nootropics you consume so that you do not suffer from the side effects of overdose if any. Make sure that you are informed about the nootropics substance you consume. Speak to experts in the field to understand them better. Take the correct dosage to enhance performance. Remember, the more you take does not mean that you will perform better.

Therefore, when it comes to the subject of nootropics, you will find they are highly beneficial for your brain power and life. Banking on them helps you to enhance your performance and brain power. The substances are natural, and they carry no side effects for most people!

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