Dianabol for Sale – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Updated on March 18, 2023

Dianabol is one of the most famous steroids in bodybuilding, becoming incredibly popular in the 70’s; where classic bodybuilders (including Arnold), were known to cycle dbol during the off-season.

Dianabol is just as popular today, being one of the best steroids you can take for packing on muscle mass.

In this guide we’ll reveal where bodybuilders buy dianabol, its benefits, side effects and more.


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Dianabol was first formulated in 1955 by John Bosley Ziegler, an American scientist. Dr Ziegler’s objective was to create a steroid that could help the American Olympic team defeat the Soviet Union. It became known to Dr Ziegler that the Russians were taking testosterone to give them increased strength, power and endurance. However, he understood that they were having difficulty urinating, signifying problems with their prostate.

Thus, Ziegler’s goal was to create a compound that was significantly more anabolic (muscle-building) than testosterone, but less androgenic — to keep such side effects at bay.

Dr Ziegler was successful in his mission, creating one of the most powerful and sought-after steroids of all time. However, dianabol alone was not enough to stop the Russian’s Olympic dominance.

Where do Bodybuilders Buy Dianabol?

Bodybuilders today buy dianabol on the black market, due to it being banned by the FDA in 1990.

It is no longer available via prescription, where bodybuilders from the golden era would simply visit their doctor and have it prescribed to them without any issues.

Nowadays bodybuilders often ask around at their gym, trying to get ‘connected’ with a dealer. However, this is an illegal practice and not one we recommend.

Some steroids are prescribed by doctors today to help treat certain muscle-wasting conditions, however dianabol is seldom used in medicine anymore.

The other alternative for bodybuilders is to buy a legal dianabol supplement, which effectively replicates the anabolic environment of dbol in the body — but has a different chemical structure before entering the body. Such supplements are 100% legal to take and FDA approved because they’ve shown to not cause dangerous side effects (unlike illegal dianabol).

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Dianabol Benefits

  • Big muscle gains
  • Big strength gains
  • Increased recovery

Dianabol will cause your free testosterone levels to surge, resulting in huge muscle gains in just a matter of weeks. It is possibly the best muscle-building steroid (alongside anadrol).

Dianabol’s strength gains are just as impressive as the muscle gains, with many powerlifters taking dbol to increase their lifts. This indirectly helps to build even more muscle, as the muscles are being shocked by lifting heavier weights than they’re used to. Some users report adding 30lbs to their bench press in just the first week of their cycle, thus dianabol kicks in fast. These are the reasons why D-bol is one of the popular steroids for sale in the market.

Dbal will also allow you to train harder and for longer, without users entering a state of overtraining. This is why Arnold and other classic bodybuilders could train for several hours each day, without burning out. Superior recovery levels can be attributed to higher testosterone levels and increased protein synthesis.

Dianabol Side Effects

Note: Legal dianabol (D-Bal) will not cause the following side effects. These only apply to those buying illegal dianabol on the black market.

  • Suppressed testosterone (post-cycle)
  • High blood pressure
  • Water retention
  • Gynecomastia
  • Liver toxicity

Testosterone levels will go sky high when on a cycle, but endogenous testosterone levels will take a hit as a user cycles off. Depending on the dose and how long a person has taken dianabol for, this recovery process can take several weeks to several months (for testosterone levels to come back to normal).

High blood pressure is almost a certainty when taking dianabol. This is because it’s an oral steroid and thus it’s prone to causing greater shifts in cholesterol scores (notably a drop in HDL and a rise in LDL). Cholesterol and blood pressure will regulate back to normal once a user discontinues supplementation.

Water retention is common on dianabol, due to it being estrogenic and thus a ‘wet steroid’. High doses can cause noticeable bloating and puffiness, which is why this steroid is mainly used in the off-season as a bulking steroid.

Gynecomastia is possible, due to it aromatizing — thus causing high estrogen levels. When the female sex hormone is high, breast tissue can form underneath the pectoral muscles; creating a female-breast look in males.

Dianabol is a hepatotoxic steroid, meaning it’s harmful to the liver. This is due to it being an oral steroid and thus has to pass through this organ before entering the bloodstream. The bad news is — dbol’s one of the worst compounds for the liver. The good news is — liver enzymes often go back to normal when users stop taking dianabol (and other steroids). However, if abused this can lead to liver damage.

To minimize such strain to your liver, some users opt to take protective supplements, such as TUDCA or milk thistle. Alcohol should also be avoided when taking dianabol (or any other orals).

Dianabol For Sale

It is very risky buying dianabol from unknown websites or from strangers in real life. If you are going to buy it from the black market, it would be a good idea to have someone you trust vouch for a certain seller. Although we don’t recommend going down this route because of the obvious risks, buying blindly from strangers could be a fatal move.

In comparison, if you buy legal dianabol you are essentially transacting with a legitimate company. This way you can have all of their contact information and know you’re not dealing with criminals.

The best-selling dianabol supplement online is D-Bal, synthesized by Crazy Bulk, which has thousands of third party reviews online. This is the type of trust that cannot be replicated when you buy on the black market. The problem with criminals offering dianabol for sale on the black market is — if you get scammed there’s no authority you can report them to because you were breaking the law.

Our advice is to opt for a legal dianabol supplement, where you may experience the gains you want without risking your health. 

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