Devices To Improve Sleep

Updated on March 31, 2023
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Sleep Improvement Devices

Many people have issues falling asleep and staying asleep each night. There are many products that promise a good night’s sleep, but not all of these work. Then there are some devices that help to improve your sleep.

Some of these devices help you to stop snoring to help you to have a better night’s sleep. There is a special mouthguard to help you sleep that works well for most people. This device can be personalized for each person so it can help anyone. 

This article will talk about how these devices can help you to sleep and how they help you stop snoring. It will also tell you about some of the different devices that you can use so you can make an informed decision. You can always do some more research before you make any decision that is as important as this. 

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How These Devices Work

Some of these devices that fit into your mouth to help you to stop snoring are called mandibular advancement devices will push your lower jaw forward to help open your airway. Others, called tongue retaining devices will grip your tongue and help to prevent it from falling into the back of the throat which is a common reason for snoring for people who sleep on their backs. The makers of these devices all promise that they will work to stop your snoring and therefore help you to sleep better. 

Snoring happens when your tongue and other tissues in your mouth and your throat get too relaxed. This causes air that is passing through to create vibrations in those tissues which produces the snoring sound: Snoring is highly disruptive to you and your partner and prevents you both from getting a good night’s sleep.

Different Sleeping Devices

  1. SnoreRx – This device is an adjustable anti-snoring device that has a customized fit. SnoreRx will prop your jaw forward so that your airway is opened therefore preventing you from snoring. It does allow you to continue to have vertical jaw movement. This is a boil to fit mouthpiece that easily fits into any mouth. It will take less than five minutes to get a custom fit for any mouth. 
  2. Vitalsleep – Vitalsleep has many different products that help to prevent snoring. The most popular one was developed by a person that was plagued for a long time with snoring. They weren’t able to find a solution for themselves, so they developed one of their own. This one advances your jaw to an open position so that you can stop snoring. This is another boil and bite product that can be customized to any mouth. It can also be adjusted in one millimeter increments up to 8 millimeters. 
  3. SleepTight – SleepTight has a product that will also allow your jaw to open which will prevent you from snoring. It is easy to fit an individual mouth and is very easy to use. It promises to help to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It was designed by a dentist who is also a professional researcher. This is a combination of two types of devices that repositions the jaw and pulls the tongue forward. There is a large 6 millimeter opening that allows mouth breathers to be able to breathe. 
  4. Good Morning – This product has been clinically proven to work successfully to stop snoring. It works by gently moving your tongue forward to clear your blocked airways. They say that tongue stabilization is more comfortable than other methods that prevent you from snoring. This has gentle suction that keeps your tongue from falling to the back of your throat. See here to see why retaining the tongue is helpful. This is particularly helpful to those people who like to sleep on their backs. 
  5. ZQuiet – This product will gently advance your lower jaw to widen your airway in the back of your throat to stop the tissue from vibrating and stop the noise. It works straight from the box and doesn’t need lots of fitting to fit into your mouth. This product works with a hinge that connects the upper and lower trays. It automatically fits to your mouth without having to boil and bite. This company has many devices that can help you and your partner to sleep better.  
  6. SmartGuard RX – This device will hold your jaw slightly forward allowing your airway to open. It has six adjustment settings making it easy to fit almost any mouth to help reduce your snoring. There is a small tool that allows you to adjust it. It will adjust to the arch shape of your mouth so that it will be comfortable in your mouth. This allows more people to be comfortable with the product in their mouth. 
  7. Snorple No Snore Club Subscription – This device has a custom fit that allows you to boil it in water for five minutes and then fitting it into your mouth. It has total adjustability and is easy to adjust to any mouth. It will adjust to your jaw position and restrain your tongue for maximum comfort. You don’t need a prescription for this product allowing you to buy it whenever you need. 


There are a variety of options for you if you have trouble sleeping because you snore at night. They all work in a similar fashion, they hold your jaw and/or tongue in positions that allow you to breathe comfortably while no longer snoring. There are different options for you that allow you to adjust them differently to fit your mouth. Some are custom boil and bite devices, while others have tools so that you can adjust them to fit the arch of your jaws. 

If you are having issues with sleeping at night and suspect that the reason behind it is your snoring, you should research all of these products a little better and try one. They will not only be good for you, but they will also be good for your partner, as well. 

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