Deciding The Width Of Men’s Wedding Bands 

Updated on May 23, 2022

When it comes to buying men’s wedding bands, getting the right piece comes after a thorough research, visiting the stores, and some careful thoughts. Often, people make efforts when buying the engagement ring and miss the urge and vigor during the shopping of wedding bands. The truth is that men need to put on the wedding ring or the rest of their lives, so you need an equal amount of research and thoughtfulness for a perfect buy. 

Most men do not know about the variance in wedding bands in terms of width and size. Although the difference in the width may be a few millimeters, yet it can change the look and feel of the ring to a great extent. If you want the wedding ring for your man to last a lifetime despite regular use, here are the points on which to focus for the best outcome. 

  • Shape of the finger

When deciding the width of men’s wedding bands, you have to notice the shape of the finger. Some men have long and slender fingers while others have thick and short fingers. Therefore, the width of the ring needs to vary based on the finger size. However, a common finger shape can fit in every size of wedding band with ease. Ideally, there is no strict rule to follow when picking the width of the band. You need to go ahead with an option that suits your requirements.

  • Following the average width

If you are not aware of where and how to start when picking the right width, the size you choose is between six or eight millimeters based on the size of the finger. For men visiting jewelry stores, it is good to start attempting with 6 millimeter size at first before moving into the other options. Remember that the thickness of the wedding band goes a long way in determining the look. A wonderful starting point would be to begin with is starting with the smallest width and moving on to wider bands.

  • Narrow bands 

According to CTN News, for men with smaller fingers and hands, a width range starting from two to six millimeters is the ideal size to pick. It is also suitable for men who may be putting on a ring for the first time and need to get used to it. It also provides you an opportunity to invest in bands of precious metals without shelving a huge amount. The lesser is the width of a gold ring, the more affordable it is. 

  • Wide bands

The bands measuring eight millimeters and beyond are excellent in terms of appearance. You have the freedom to choose bands in different materials and pick from a large range of styles for bands with greater width. For instance, you can explore wedding bands for men in tungsten and titanium in thicker varieties.

There is no magic trick that determines the right width of wedding bands for men. Deciding the width is largely based on your personal choice and preferences. You can explore the collections at and select the width of en’s wedding bands before ordering it. 

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