Decathlon + CELLIANT Partnership Kicks Off with Infrared Ski Sock Launch

Updated on November 6, 2023
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Making outdoor sports accessible to as many people as possible since 1976 through quality, innovative gear, powerhouse sporting goods brand Decathlon has launched the first product of its long-term partnership with CELLIANT® infrared technology from Hologenix® – Adult Ski Socks. They are introduced in its Wedze range of ski and snowboarding socks (“wed’ze” means ‘“a small turn on the snow” in the Savoyard dialect in the Alps where this brand is headquartered).  

Decathlon was attracted to CELLIANT’s ability to convert body heat into infrared energy, improving local circulation and cellular oxygenation to support stronger performance and faster recovery. Skiers who often suffer from muscle fatigue in the calf area will appreciate the infrared infusion and light compression attributes that were specifically chosen with this in mind. The sock was also thoughtfully designed for minimum thickness, allowing for a comfortable fit within the ski boot, without sacrificing warmth or durability. Anti-friction thread on the sole and toes helps limit irritation, and seams are intentionally positioned to eliminate discomfort. The socks are offered in a beautiful Asphalt Blue color in a variety of sizes, both online and in 800+ retail stores worldwide. 

“We were very interested in the science behind CELLIANT and worked closely with their team to understand their rigorous testing process in the best interest of providing the highest level of innovation and solutions for our customers,” said Elodie Billard, Ski Socks Product Manager of Decathlon.  “We are exploring incorporating CELLIANT textile technology into additional product ranges and categories.”

“We salute Decathlon’s leadership in the sporting goods arena and their passion for designing, producing and distributing innovative products that enrich the outdoor experience for so many,” concluded Seth Casden, Hologenix CEO and co-founder and a sports enthusiast himself.  “Our infrared socks for skiing are the first of many performance innovations we plan to deliver together.” 

About Hologenix and CELLIANT 
Hologenix, LLC, headquartered in Pacific Palisades, California, is a materials science company innovating products that energize all aspects of life. Its flagship product, CELLIANT®, is a science-backed infrared (IR) technology that improves health and wellness by promoting restful sleep and enhancing performance and recovery. CELLIANT’s natural blend of IR-generating minerals is embedded into fibers, yarns and fabrics, powering bio-responsive textiles. CELLIANT is a key ingredient used by world-class brands in products spanning apparel, sleepwear, bedding, upholstery, uniforms and medical supplies. CELLIANT is rigorously tested by a Science Advisory Board composed of experts in photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, and diabetes and wound care. The Science Advisory Board has overseen 10 peer-reviewed published studies that collectively demonstrate CELLIANT’s effectiveness and the benefits of infrared energy. 

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About Decathlon
Founded in Lille, France in 1976, the family-run company is committed to making sport accessible  to as many people as possible through quality, innovative gear.  Embracing a customer-first approach, Decathlon is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of products that speak directly to consumers.  They have over 2080 stores in 56 countries and regions and are the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. 

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