DC Department of Behavioral Health Selects IdeaCrew to Develop a Proof of Concept for Integrated Technology Engine

Updated on May 3, 2022

New Technology Will Increase Efficiencies, Improve Business Outcomes

Washington, DC’s Department of Behavioral Health (DBH) selected DC-based IT services firm, IdeaCrew, to create a proof of concept (POC) as the first step in redesigning the agency’s use of technology. The new integrated technology engine will process DBH’s complex operational data, including aggregating data from multiple systems, eliminating duplicate entries, and ensuring data consistency and integrity.

DBH provides prevention, treatment and recovery services and support for DC residents of all ages with mental health and/or substance use disorders.Currently DBH has multiple sources of information in often incompatible formats. Leveraging IdeaCrew’s expertise, the POC will map the various data sources into an efficient and manageable plan. The goal is for data to be easily shared across platforms and analyzed, so leaders can make decisions in a timely manner.

“My recent role as Interim CEO of a substance use treatment program that partners with DBH gave me insights into the critical role that data plays, as well as the current system challenges,” said Dr. Patrick Canavan, VP of Consulting Services for IdeaCrew. “The proof of concept is a roadmap for DBH to integrate technologies and analyze their data. Ultimately the POC maps a way for DBH to make important and timely management decisions that support its recovery, prevention and resilience mission.”

IdeaCrew will conduct a thorough assessment of DBH’s current system and its future requirements to model the POC. This test design will consider all of the major data sources and future uses, to address DBH’s future needs and be scalable for future growth.  

“Given IdeaCrews’ success in architecting and operating the state-based exchange in DC, we expect a blueprint for the DBH Integrated Technology Engine that facilitates data-driven decision-making to support the behavioral wellness of DC residents,” said Michael Neff, Chief of Administrative Operations at DBH.

IdeaCrew’s health system expertise includes enabling the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority (HBX) to deliver significant cost savings to DC residents. The company has also consulted for the Maryland Behavioral Health Services and other states’ departments of health.

“IdeaCrew has been assessing and transforming complex health data systems for 20 years,” said Dan Thomas, CEO of IdeaCrew. “We know how to turn siloed data into agile, cloud-based, innovative solutions.”

About IdeaCrew Inc.

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